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“The MD 500 Defender seeks out enemy tanks and deals 7x bonus damage to them. This unit has a shorter attack range than other helicopters.”

General Information[]

The MD 500 Defender is the special unit for the Filipinos Coalition unlocked in the Embassy and can only be used to defence in world wars.

Historical Description[]

Hughes Helicopters, part of the company founded by legendary aviator Howard Hughes, developed the OH-6 Cayuse in response to the U.S. Army's request for a light observation helicopter. The popular MD 500 series evolved out of the Cayuse and was used for the entirety of the Cold War. The Defender was an MD 500 variant that first flew in 1976.

These versatile craft were equally effective in anti-tank combat roles and unarmed observation missions. One version was outfitted with specialized equipment to detect and destroy submarines. The line and its offshoots were exported to several nations including Israel, South Korea, and the Philippines, several of whom began manufacturing their own versions. After four decades, MD 500s still remain in active service around the world.


As Coalition Troops

Level Hitpoints Health icon Damage per second Damage DPS against Tanks, Buildings and Walls Damage
1 1,604 111 777
2 1,689 121 847
3 1,778 131 917
4 1,872 143 1,001
5 1,971 155 1,085
6 2,075 168 1,176
7 2,185 183 1,281
8 2,300 199 1,393