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“A siege vehicle that launches multiple rockets, dealing splash damage to enemy troops.”

MRL Mk.4 is a standard level 4 MRL unit unlocked in Space Age. Its predecessor is MRL Mk.3 and can be upgraded to MRL Mk.5.

General Information[]

It is a vehicle mounted rocket launcher. They're excellent against buildings and infantry but are weak against defensive cavalry. Their splash damage makes them excellent for taking out a group of enemy infrantry defenders.

Historical Description[]

The role of rocket artillery is not to replace traditional gun artillery but to complement it, saturating an area with fire rather than aiming at targets with precision. The M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System or MLRS exemplifies this doctrine. It consists of two large rocket containers mounted on a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle chassis. Each container can carry six M26 rockets, which can all be launched within forty seconds. Terrifyingly, every rocket eject hundreds of tiny cluster grenades as it flies, turning the whole area below into a death trap.

The two containers can instead be filled with a single ATACMS guided missile each. Rather than saturaing a nearby zone, well behind enemy lines. In addition to this incredible firepower, the M270's mobilitry enables 'shoot and scoot' tactics whereby it avoids counterattacks by driving away shortly after launching its paylond. The vehicle entered U.S service in 1983 and performed well in the Gulf and Iraq Wars. Of the more than a dozen NATO countries that adopted it, most still operate it today.

Note: the historical description doesn't change since Space Age unit upgrade.