"Short-ranged tower that excels at eliminating large hordes of units."

Levels Edit

General Information Edit

  • The Machine Gun is a tower that shoots multiple guns and is effective at destroying groups of units, especially infantry.
  • The Machine Gun starts out as the Redoubt at Levels 1 & 2 and becomes the Machine Gun at Level 3 and up.
  • Heavy Cavalry can destroy the Redoubt effectively as the Redoubt struggles against cavalry.
  • As of update v2.0.x, Machine Guns can attack airplanes.

Visuals Edit

  • In the level 4 Machine Gun tower the man in the tower is using a U.S-made Browning 30 cal. Machine gun (or the M1917 Browning Machine gun as it is normally called)

Defensive strategies Edit


Age Number Available
Gunpowder Age2
Enlightenment Age 3
Industrial Age
Global Age 4
Atomic Age 5
Cold War Age
Level Build Cost Gold icon Citizens Required Citizen Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp Damage /Sec. Damage Range Range HP Health icon Age Unlocked
11,400,00042d1,6307272,665Gunpowder Age
24,500,0004d2,385784,300Enlightenment Age
37,000,00012d4,3651044,900Industrial Age
49,000,00014d4,7501205,400Global Age
510,500,0001567,025Atomic Age
612,400,00015d4,9352029,135Cold War Age
7 17,000,000 16d 5,205 260 11,485 Space Age

Boosts Edit

The Citadels Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Redoubt:

  • Chapter 2: Increases Redoubt health by 20%.
  • Chapter 4: Increases Redoubt damage by 20%.

The Radar Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Machine Gun Tower:

  • Chapter 3 : Machine Gun Towers connected to the City Center by Roads have +15% attack. 

The research of Emperor Haile Selassie in the University also confers the following bonuses to Machine Gun:

  • Machine Gun Damage: Increase 6% damage per each skill level researched. (5 levels)
  • Machine Gun Upgrade Cost: Reduce 4% upgrade cost per each skill level researched. (5 levels)
  • Machine Gun Hitpoints: Increase 6% hitpoints per each skill level researched. (5 levels)
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