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Manufactory Level 5

“Produces Materials and Assembles Components which can be used to Manufacture and upgrade Munitions. Munitions can be assigned to Units and Structures to provide them benefits in combat.”


General Information[]

The Manufactory is unlocked in the Industrial Age.

The Manufactory was released with v12.1 (around Nov 30, 2023) as per this forum announcement. That announcement lists all materials, components, and munitions; and availability per Age. View the post until the wiki catches up.

Munitions in World War and Friendly Challenges[]

Note: while this is the official design, it's possible it acts differently at the time of this writing (v12.1.1). Some users report that offensive munitions can be changed during an active war.

For World War, your Munitions will be locked in for the duration of the War after the planning day concludes, similarly to your Museum Artifacts and Councilors. But, during the active War you’ll be able to change your Munitions however you see fit for regular Multiplayer, and your World War Munition set will remain the same in your World War Battles for the duration of the War.

Friendly Challenges work in a similar fashion. When you create a Friendly Challenge your Munitions settings will retain the same settings you had at the time of creating the Friendly Challenge, that set will remain active for anyone that participates. You’ll be able to adjust your Munitions after creating the Friendly Challenge however you like, doing so will not change the set that was locked in for the Friendly Challenge.


Size 3x3
Level Build Cost Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Needed Citizen XP Gain Exp HP Health icon Age Unlocked
1 1,000,000 5m 4 3,000 6,000 Industrial Age
2 2,800,000 3d 3,800 16,000 Atomic Age
3 5,000,000 5d 4,800 30,000 Space Age
4 7,500,000 6d 5,200 48,000 Information Age
5 10,000,000 7d 6,000 70,000 Automation Age


Main article: Production

Everything produced under the 'production' tab is produced in stacks of 10.

Material Production Time (per 10) Manufactory Level Required Required to Build
Carbon 15 Minutes 1 Titanium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Modular Support, Thermoplastic, Bioplastic
Iron 40 Minutes 1 Titanium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Capacitor, Stabilizer, Electroless Plating
Titanium 30 Minutes 1 Titanium Alloy, Capacitor, Advanced Wiring, Stabilizer, Modular Support, Processor, Electroless Plating
Platinum 240 Minutes 1 Higher level upgrades of Munitions
Thermic Brass 75 Minutes 2 Advanced Wiring, Stabilizer, Thermoplastic, Processor, Superconductor
Plastic 25 Minutes 2 Advanced Wiring, Thermoplastic, Processor, Superconductor, Bioplastic
Glass 45 Minutes 3 Modular Support, Thermoplastic, Processor, Electroless Plating
Polycarbonate 20 Minutes 3 Modular Support, Thermoplastic, Superconductor, Electroless Plating
Siliconite 50 Minutes 4 Processor, Superconductor, Bioplastic
Fiber Mesh 80 Minutes 4 Processor, Superconductor, Electroless Plating, Bioplastic
Biofoil 70 Minutes 5 Electroless Plating, Bioplastic


Main article: Assembly


Main article: Manufacture



Salvaging a munition gives 50% of the materials used to create the munition, except for platinum.

To salvage a munition, open the Manufactory -> open the Outfitting tab -> click the tiny (?) on an unassigned munition -> and choose Salvage. Not clicking on the (?) opens a different screen.

Looting Materials[]

Attackers can steal Materials by destroying the Manufactory. A percentage of the unclaimed Materials at the time of destruction are lost and granted to the attacker. Attackers must achieve at least a 3-Star Victory to be eligible to steal Materials.

If Materials are looted from a production slot that has reached maximum capacity, the production slot will not produce additional Materials.

Second Munition Slot[]


Council Committees[]

  • ?

Council Councilors[]

  • ?

Library Technology[]

  • ?

Parliament Laws[]

  • Base Financing: Army
    • Reduce cost of Army building upgrades by 3,000 ~ 80,000 Food/Gold (to a minimum of Free)
    • Reduce cost of Army building upgrades by 10,000 Oil (to a minimum of Free)



  • ?


VIP Bonuses[]

  • Building Upgrade Resource Cost
    • Level 9: 5%
    • Level 12: 10%
    • Level 15: 15%


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