Mercenary Camp

Image of mercenary camp. Mercenaries are recruited here.

General Information Edit

Players can hire elite Mercenaries either at the Mercenary Camp using Trade Goods, or from Campfires revealed when clearing Forests.

Mercenary troops can be used once in an attack. Once used they will not return from battle. Mercenary troops are deployed by clicking on the blue banner and then on the map. In contrast to regular troops which can be deployed one by one, all recruited Mercenary units are deployed at once.

Mercenaries cannot be hired while the Mercenary Camp is being upgraded.

Troops available Edit

There are 5 types of Mercenary troops that are available:

As the Mercenary Camp is upgraded, higher levels of troops become available for recruitment, replacing lower levels.






Cost Food

Melee Infantry Missile Infantry Cavalry Raiders Heavy Cavalry Elephants

/ Heavy Tanks

Age Unlocked
1 2,500 - Nubian Archers(2 Metal, 2 Fur) - - - Bronze Age
2 13,500 Hittite Warrior(2 Leather, 2 Fur) Nubian Archers(2 Metal, 2 Fur) Assyrian Horse Raider(3 Cider, 3 Leather) - -
3 100,000 Hittite Warrior(2 Leather, 2 Fur) Greek Javelineer(3 Metal, 3 Fur) Assyrian Horse Raider(3 Cider, 3 Leather) Persian Heavy Cavalry(1 Diamond, 4 Metal) - Iron Age
4 300,000 Hun Warrior(3 Leather, 3 Fur) Greek Javelineer(3 Metal, 3 Fur) Steppe Horse Raider(4 Cider, 4 Leather) Persian Heavy Cavalry(1 Diamond, 4 Metal) War Elephant(5 Cider, 1 Diamond) Classical Age
5 1,500,000 Hun Warrior(3 Leather, 3 Fur) Chinese Hand Cannon(4 Metal, 4 Fur) Steppe Horse Raider(4 Cider, 4 Leather) Templar Knight(1 Diamond, 5 Metal) War Elephant(5 Cider, 1 Diamond) Medieval Age
6 3,000,000 Ronin(4 Leather, 4 Fur) Chinese Hand Cannon(4 Metal, 4 Fur) Condottieri Raider(5 Cider, 5 Leather) Templar Knight(1 Diamond, 5 Metal) Mahout(6 Cider, 1 Diamond) Gunpowder Age
7 5,000,000 Ronin(4 Leather, 4 Fur) Tercio(5 Metal, 5 Leather) Condottieri Raider(5 Cider, 5 Leather) Hessian Cavalry(1 Diamond, 6 Metal) Mahout(6 Cider, 1 Diamond) Enlightenment Age
8 7,000,000 Gurkha(5 Leather, 5 Fur) Tercio(5 Metal, 5 Leather) Bedouin Raider(6 Cider, 6 Leather) Hessian Cavalry(1 Diamond, 6 Metal) Flammpanzer(7 Cider, 2 Diamond)

(2 slots)

Industrial Age
9 9,000,000 Gurkha(5 Leather, 5 Fur) Legionnaire(6 Metal, 6 Fur) Bedouin Raider(6 Cider, 6 Leather) Jagdpanzer(1 Diamond, 7 Metal) Flammpanzer(7 Cider, 2 Diamond)

(2 slots)

Global Age
10 10,500,000 Freedom Fighter(6 Leather, 6 Fur) Legionnaire(6 Metal, 6 Fur) BRDM-1(7 Cider, 7 Leather) Jagdpanzer(1 Diamond, 7 Metal) Tank Destroyer(8 Cider, 2 Diamond)

(2 slots)

Atomic Age
11 14,700,000 Freedom Fighter(6 Leather, 6 Fur) Irish Peacekeeper(7 Metal, 7 Fur) BRDM-1(7 Cider, 7 Leather) T-62 Tank(1 Diamond, 8 Metal) Tank Destroyer(8 Cider, 2 Diamond)

(2 slots)

Cold War Age

Research Edit

The Free Companies Technology in the Library confers these bonuses to your Mercenary troops:

  • Chapter 1: Increases Mercenary health by 10%.
  • Chapter 2: Increases Mercenary attack strength by 10%.
  • Chapter 3: Increases Mercenary army limit by 1.
  • Chapter 4: Increases Mercenary attack by 20%.
  • Chapter 5: Increases Mercenary health by 10%.

The research of Hannibal Barca in the University also confers the following bonuses to Mercenary:

  • Mercenary Damage: +3% Mercenary damage (5 levels).
  • Mercenary Hitpoints: +3% Mercenary hitpoints (10 levels).