“Elephant-mounted mercenaries.”

General Information[edit | edit source]

Mercenary Elephants / Mercenary Heavy Tank can be recruited from the Mercenary Camp using Cider and Diamonds.

Level Name Mercenary Camp Level Required Hitpoints Damage per second Damage against Damage Multiplier Target Damage Multiplier Target Army Size Cider Required Diamonds Required
1 War Elephant 4 6,500 175 53 Resource Building 1 5 1
2 Mahout 6 10,500 182 54 6 1
3 Flammpanzer 8 12,100 718 179 Infantry 2 7 2
4 Tank Destroyer 10 24,309 1,100 4,400 Tank 8 2
5 Heavy Tank Destroyer 12 37,062 1,753 7,012 Tank 9 2

War Elephants and Mahout only do 30% of their usual damage to resource building. Their preferred target is defensive buildings, they will not often attack them. Both elephants are not available as a regular troop. They are similar to Heavy Cavalry with higher hitpoints and lower damage than the troops available at the same age. Level 3 and 4 of these Mercenary type don't have the same traits as Level 1 and 2.

Flammpanzer can attack multiple target at the same time, making them a good choice to handle infantry defenders.

Tank Destroyer only attack single target but with powerful damage especially toward Tanks. In World War, they are usually chosen as diversion for Missile Silo.

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