"Hard-hitting ranged cavalry mercenary."

Description Edit

Mercenary Cavalry Raiders can be recruited from the Mercenary Camp using Cider and Leather.

Favorite Target Unit Size Strengths Weakness
Resource Buildings 3 Bonus damage against resource buildings Enemy Troops
Level Name Mercenary Camp Level Required Hitpoints Damage per second Damage bonus against resource buildings Damage against resource buildings Cider Required Leather Required
1Assyrian Horse Raiders248094x218833
2Steppe Horse Raiders454092x327644
3Condottieri Raiders6900150x230055
4Bedouin Raider81,100230x369066
62K12 Kub123,510462x31,38788

Steppe Horse Raiders (Level 2) have a lower base DPS than Assyrian Horse Raiders (Level 1), but have a higher damage bonus against resource buildings.

Mercenary Cavalry Raiders have higher base damage than regular cavalry raiders, however the Level 1 and 3 units have a lower damage bonus, making the Mercenary Cavalry less effective against their preferred targets, resource buildings. For example, Condottieri Raiders and Dragoon Raiders are both available in the Gunpowder age. Condottieri Raiders do 300 dps and Dragoon Raiders do 465 dps against resource buildings. Mercenary Cavalry Raiders do have higher hitpoints than the regular raider units available for some ages.

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