“The advent of affordable mass produced microprocessors allowed for the creation of low-cost computers for the average consumer. The processing power of the personal computer launched modern society into a technological golden age that revolutionized the world.”

Microprocessor is a Level 13 Technology which grants bonuses to time needed for Library's Technology research, Artifacts upgrade, Troops training, Armory research, and University research.

General DescriptionEdit

Chapter Requirements Cost Time XP Gain Description
1 Library level 13 +
Industrial Plastics +
Economic Stimulus
Food8,000,000 1d 1,700 -15% Library's Technology research time
2 Food9,000,000 5d12h 5,000 -10% Artifacts upgrade time
3 Food10,000,000 9d 6,000 -10% Troops training time (including planes)
4 Oil icon150,000 11d 7,000 -5% Armory research time
5 Oil icon175,000 16d 8,000 -5% University research time
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