Mill Level 15

“Mills store your food to keep it away from rats and other players. They can also order food shipments.”

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General InformationEdit

  • The Mill is an Economic Building where most of your nation's Food is stored. Multiple Mills may be built, with your Food split evenly among them. In addition to storing Food, a player can trade Metal for a Food Shipment there.
  • When you have enough Metal to order a Food Shipment, the text "Trade available" will float up from the Mill.
  • The shipment size and the required number of Metal increases with the level of your highest level Mill.
  • Attacking players can loot up to 25% of the stored Food in your Mills.


Age Number Available Maximum Capacity Food (Including House Storage)
Dawn Age - 1,200
Stone Age 1 3,700
Bronze Age 2 21,400
Iron Age 161,400
Classical Age 701,800*
Medieval Age 2,001,600
Gunpowder Age 3 4,501,800
Enlightenment Age 6,001,800
Industrial Age 7,502,000
Global Age 9,002,000
Atomic Age 4 14,002,200
Cold War Age15,502,200
Space Age17,002,200

*Using Forbidden City adds an extra 10,000 storage.

Level Build Cost Gold icon Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp Citizens Needed Citizen Storage Capacity Food HP Health icon Age Unlocked
150015min9542,500960Stone Age
22,00030min13510,0001,440Bronze Age
38,0002h28530,0001,920Iron Age
540,0006h520200,0004,030Classical Age
7100,00012h760550,0007,130Medieval Age
9400,0001d1,1151,500,0009,720Gunpowder Age
10800,0002d1,6302,000,00014,250Enlightenment Age
111,250,0005d2,7002,500,00015,000Industrial Age
122,000,0006d2,9803,000,00016,626Global Age
133,200,0007d3,2453,500,00020,000Atomic Age
144,700,0008d3,4953,875,00026,000Cold War Age
155,400,0009d3,7004,250,00033,000Space Age

Studying Chief Hiawatha at the University will give a 10% discount on Mill upgrade costs.

Food ShipmentEdit

Shipment Type Shipment Cost Metal Shipment Amount Food Mill Level
Gargantuan95,000 - 15,0008+

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