Missile Silo Level 6

“Launches long-ranged, powerful missiles against strong invading armies!”

Levels Edit

General InformationEdit

  • The Missile Silo is a defensive building that launches missiles at powerful armies
  • The Missile Silo is available in the Global Age.
  • The Missile Silo acts like a Tower, i.e. is affected by the Tower Blessing (22% boost to damage)
  • The Missile Silo has a size of 4x4 which means it can't be easily swapped with other buildings
  • The missile launched can also damage the air troops if they are within the range where the missile landed.
  • The Missile Silo requires roughly 107k (107,000) of total invading troops health before it arms and start launching.
Red Button

Red Button to use missile when attacking other bases

  • Upgrade Missile Silo Level 6, give an ability to use Red Button when attacking other bases. It is an ability to launch Missile toward random buildings on enemy base.
  • Once the battle started, you'll have to wait a few seconds cool down before Red Button is available to be used. It is displayed as count down timer on the Red Button.
  • Once the Red Button is pressed, one or more missiles from Missile Silo will attack random buildings at enemy base.
  • Every Missile used on Red Button, cost Oil to be replenished.

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • Use the Demolition Tactics to destroy the Missile Silo at the beginning of the battle (usually from 3 to 5 Demolition Tactics).
  • Use the Sabotage Tactics to block the Missile Silo
  • Use Generals, heavy tanks and tanks and deploy away from the rest of your army. The generals and tanks will be targeted whilst your main army continues with the battle.
  • Use the Air-crafts and Destroyers to destroy firstly the Missile Silo.
  • Since the Missile Silo will try to target the area with the highest HP unit, it is advised that you should keep some distances between your tank units and all the other units. Remember to keep an eye on the tank units and see if they have entered the minimum valid range (red circles) of the Missile Silo.
  • Once your army is on the battle field, using the Assault Rally tactic on the Missile Silo can help your army destroy it quicker.

Defensive Strategies Edit

  • Bury the silo in a maze of walls (not placed on side of the map) to prevent attackers from taking it out easily. Don't give commandos access via gates to the silo, forcing them to go through walls to get to silo.
  • Avoid placing it close to the Town Center since it would grant them a double win. This one would force the attacker to choose either to go for the town center or silo
  • Put the Anti-Tank guns, Land Mine and Bunkers next to the Missile Silo to protect it from tanks.
  • Put the Air Defenses and S.A.M Battery next to the Missile Silo to protect it from planes.
  • Put the Mortar, Stronghold and Machine Guns surrounding the Missile Silo to protect it from a crowd of Ranged Infantries.

Red Button Strategy Edit

  • Because it cost your oil to use Red Button, make sure the buildings destroyed are worthy.
  • It is better to use it on Enemy's high level Defensive Buildings. Most of them are instantly destroyed.
  • If the target isn't something strong, you can always skip using it.
  • The missile also doing splash damage to the surrounding buildings and troops with lower damage. So you can also wait the moment the enemy's defensive troops pass by the target before launching the missile to destroy it all together.

Statistics Edit

Age Number Available
Global Age 1
Atomic Age
Cold War Age
Space Age
Level Build Cost Oil icon Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade Time Clock Damage Damage Reload Time Range Range HP Health icon XP Reward Exp Age Unlocked
1160,00065d2,00010sec5018,7503,370Global Age
3230,00010d2,99028,0404,935Atomic Age
4255,00011d3,28936,4505,200Cold War Age
6265,00013d4,28548,4185,800Space Age

Level 6 give an ability to use Red Button that launch Missile upon attacking other bases.

Boosts Edit

The Rocketry Technology in the Library confers the following bonus to Missile Silo:

  • Chapter 1: +10% Missile Silo health
  • Chapter 2: +5% Missile Silo attack
  • Chapter 3: Reduces the threat required for missile launches by 5%
  • Chapter 4: +5% Missile silo attack
  • Chapter 5: Reduces missile launch time by 1 second

The Offensive Ballistics Technology in the Library confers the following bonus to Missile Silo:

  • Chapter 1: -15% Missile Silo Upgrade cost
  • Chapter 2: +20% Offensive Missile Silo Launch Damage
  • Chapter 3: -50% Offensive Missile Silo Launch Cooldown
  • Chapter 4: -25% Offensive Missile Silo Oil cost to be re-armed
  • Chapter 5: +1 Offensive Missile Silo Target

The research of Sally Ride in the University confers the following bonuses to the Missile Silo:

  • Offensive Missile Silo Reticles: +2 Offensive Missile Silo Reticles.

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