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“These armored Mongol cavalry charge enemy defensive buildings, dealing double damage to them".”


The Mongol Orlok is an Event Troop from the Events, Chest or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics.

Mongol Orlok Army

Like all heavy cavalry, the Mongol Orlok are front runners among all troops, with a great deal of hitpoints, they can endure more than any other troop. For their strength in taking damage, they do sheer damage themselves and cannot win battles unless they are supported by stronger troops. The Mongol Orlok can deal double damages than standard heavy cavalry on defenses and can minimize casualties.

Historical Description[]

The Mongols under Genghis Khan were ahead of their time in virtually every aspect of warfare: equipment, skill, endurance, discipline, tactics, subterfuge, leadership and organization. The Great Khan himself stood at the head of their military hierarchy. One step down were the orloks who led individual armies.

The legendary orlok Subutai was one of the most brilliant commanders of all time. He famously managed simultaneous strategic maneuvers hundreds of miles apart while on campaign. For example, in 1246 he crushed the king of Hungary at Mohi two days after another Mongol force defeated the Polish army at Legnica. This is now considered a logistical masterstroke, opening the doors to Central Europe in one fell swoop.


Level HitpointsHealth icon DPSDamage DPS Against Defensive BuildingsDamage Training Cost (Food)Food Troops/ArmyTroopSpace
1 2,060 274 549 1,400 2
2 2,680 325 650 2,000 2
3 2,920 350 700 3,000 3
4 4,950 675 1,350 6,000 4
? 7,901 967 1,935 9,000 ?
8 10,814 1,227 2,454 9,000 4