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Multiplayer battles are unlocked in the Bronze Age. Victories award Medals, which determine League ranking, while losses subtract Medals. Attacking other players is the fastest way to gain Resources and several loot bonuses are available for Multiplayer victories. Players can also join Alliances which gift extra units, and compete in World War against other Alliances.

To attack another player, tap the Battle button and then the Find an Opponent button.

Finding an OpponentEdit

Finding an opponent costs a certain amount of Gold which increases with the Age of your civilization.

Age Cost Gold icon
Bronze Age 100
Iron Age 150
Classical Age 200
Medieval Age 250
Gunpowder Age 300
Enlightenment Age 400
Industrial Age 750
Global Age 1,000
Atomic Age 1,500
Cold War Age 2,000

Matchmaking depends on 2 things

In short, you are matched with a player who is roughly in the same Medal range and who falls within the allowed range of Ages. You are not matched based on civilization level.

Prior to BattleEdit

You are given 30 seconds to scout a base and decide if you want to attack it or not. You have 3 options at this point:

  • Attack the base by deploying your Troops
  • Return to your base by tapping "End Battle"
  • Find another opponent by tapping "Next Match"

You won't lose any Medals if you choose the last two options.

Once the 30 seconds run out or once you deploy Troops, the 3-minute battle timer will start. The "Next Match" button will disappear, and tapping "End Battle" will cause you to lose the battle immediately. Upon gaining at least one victory star, the red "End Battle" button will change into a green "Return Home" button.

During the BattleEdit

You are forbidden from deploying Troops at certain zones, and such zones are marked by lighter shades of color. These no-deployment zones are present around Buildings and they remain even if the building associated with it is destroyed.

While you can deploy your standard Troop unit by unit, Alliance Troops and Mercenaries are deployed all at once.

You have no direct control over where your Troops go or what they attack, but you can use Rally to direct them to go somewhere or to attack some Building every 35 seconds[1]. If the targeted Building is destroyed, the effect of Rally is immediately lifted.

Other than Troops, you can also use tactics to help you in the battles.

Victory ConditionsEdit

There are five victory stars available during any battle. Gain one star for each of the following:

  1. Destroy the Town Center;
  2. 50% destruction;
  3. 75% destruction;
  4. 100% destruction;
  5. Any of the above within the first minute of battle[2].

Each star awards one-fifth of the available Medals for the battle. If you can only get one Medal from the battle then only one star is required to get it.

Battle BonusesEdit

If the player destroys all Defensive Buildings on a map, any surviving Troops from the battle will return home; however, this does not apply to Alliance Troops or Mercenaries.

In Multiplayer, destroying all Gold or Food Buildings grants bonus Gold or Food, respectively, at the end of battle. The amount of Gold and/or Food depends on the Age of the opponent's base[3].

If the player has build the Museum, winning a battle also earn them Mysterious Fragments. The amount earned depends on the age (gunpowder/enlightenment/industrial..) and number of stars gained.

Opponent's Age All Gold Buildings Destroyed All Food Buildings Destroyed All Oil Buildings Destroyed All Defensive Buildings Destroyed
Bronze Age 300 Gold icon 300 Food 0 Oil icon All surviving troops Return
Iron Age 400 Gold icon 400 Food
Classical Age 1,000 Gold icon 1,000 Food
Medieval Age 2,000 Gold icon 2,000 Food
Gunpowder Age 5,000 Gold icon 5,000 Food
Enlightenment Age 15,000 Gold icon 10,000 Food 50 Oil icon
Industrial Age 30,000 Gold icon 20,000 Food 150 Oil icon
Global Age 45,000 Gold icon 30,000 Food 250 Oil icon
Atomic Age ? Gold icon ? Food ? Oil icon
Cold War Age 75,000 Gold icon 50,000 Food 350 Oil icon

League BonusesEdit

Main article: Leagues

Once a player is ranked in a League, winning a victory also awards bonus Gold and Food automatically. The amount of the bonus depends on ranking.

Peace TreatiesEdit

Main article: Peace Treaties

Peace Treaties determine whether a player can be attacked or not. They last for a limited time based on how much damage received the last time they were attacked. However, if a player goes into a Multiplayer battle the Peace Treaty is broken.


Main article: Alliances

World WarEdit

Main article: World War
Main article: DNations Ally Wars Tournaments

References Edit

  1. Using Germans decreases Rally cooldown by 5 seconds. Some Library research can also decrease the Rally cooldown.
  2. The time that you have to get quick victory can be increased with Library research (specifically Banners).
  3. Can also be increased with Library research.

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