Museum level 6

“The Museum is available to repair starting in the Gunpowder Age. Once the museum is repaired, players can craft Artifacts using Mysterious Fragments. Artifacts are powerful items that provide their town and troops with bonuses that can affect troops in battle, town economy, and enemy attackers. Once players have crafted an Artifact, they can put it on display in their Museum. Mysterious Fragments are items that are used to craft Artifacts in the Museum. While repaired Museums generate Mysterious Fragments over time, they can also be earned from normal battles.”

Levels Edit

General Information Edit

  • Located along the edge of the map near the Alliance Gate, the Museum can be repaired in the Gunpowder Age and above!
  • The Museum allows you to craft, display, and empower Artifacts from throughout history.
  • Each Artifact contains 5 benefits that can improve nearly all aspects of gameplay. Discover a wide range of effects that best suit your unique playstyle!
  • While all Artifacts contain 5 benefits, most Artifacts will start with only 1 or 2 of those benefits unlocked.
  • To fully unlock all of your Artifact’s benefits, you must collect and use new items - Supplies, Researchers, and Benefactors.
  • Each time you unlock an Artifact it will acquire an additional star - up to 5 stars. At 5 stars an Artifact will have all benefits unlocked!
  • Supplies, Researcher, and Benefactors can be obtained in Expeditions, League Boat, and the Victory Chest.
  • For those looking to top off their collection of Supplies, Researchers and Benefactors they may also purchase the new Museum Resource Chest.
  • Each unlocked benefit on an Artifact can be leveled up to Level 10 increasing its power with each level.
  • Leveling up a benefit requires resources and a new item - Blueprints. Blueprints can be obtained by selling off any unwanted Artifacts you may have
  • As per 6.6 Update there are 2 Hall Exhibit (Main Hall and World War Hall) inside. Each of them displays different set of Artifacts.
  • Main Hall Exhibit will have:
  • World War Hall Exhibit:

Statistics Edit

Level Build Cost Food Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade Time Clock Experience Gain Exp Production


Capacity Active Exhibits Exhibits Unlocked Age Unlocked
1 1,000,000 4 1d 1,115 25 1002 each Hall 1st WE and 1st AE for Main Hall

1st WWE and 1st WAE for World War Hall

Gunpowder Age
2 3,000,000 2d 1,630 30 1204 each Hall 1st JE and 1st PE for Main Hall

1st WEE and 2nd WEE for World War Hall

Enlightenment Age
3 4,000,000 4d 2,385 35 1405 each Hall 1st LE for Main Hall

1st LWE for World War Hall

Industrial Age
4 5,000,000 5d 2,980 40 1607 each Hall 2nd WE and 2nd AE for Main Hall

2nd WWE and 2nd WAE for World War Hall

Global Age
5 6,000,000 6d 3,395 45 1809 each Hall 2nd PE and 2nd JE for Main Hall

3rd WEE and 4th WEE for World War Hall

Atomic Age
6 6,500,000 7d 3,95050 20010 each Hall 2nd LE for Main Hall

2nd LWE for World War Hall

Cold War Age

Note: Main Hall Exhibit:

  • WE: Weapon Exhibit
  • AE: Armor Exhibit
  • JE: Jewelry Exhibit
  • PE: Pottery Exhibit
  • LE: Legendary Exhibit

World War Hall Exhibit:

  • WWE: War Weapon Exhibit
  • WAE: War Armor Exhibit
  • WEE: War Equipment Exhibit
  • LWE: Legendary War Exhibit

Museum Resources Edit

Museum Resources are used to unlock an Artifact in the Museum. You can find Museum Resources in your League Boat, Victory Chest, and Expeditions. There are four types of Museum Resources: Supplies, Researchers, Benefactors, and “unknown“

Artifacts Edit

For Category of Artifacts: Artifacts.

The artifacts have a variety of effects but can be generally summed up as such. Effects among artifacts are random: Two of the same artifact may have a different effect(s) and/or stat(s)

Artifact Crafting Edit

Use your Mysterious Fragments to craft powerful Artifacts!

1 Artifact costs 100 Mysterious Fragments

5 Artifacts costs 475 Mysterious Fragments

Capacity: 20 (Increase capacity by 5 for 250 crowns) [Max 100]

Artifact Leveling Up Edit

Artifact can be leveled up by leveling up the benefit it has. Leveling up benefit will make the benefit to have more value.

Level Blueprints
Food or Gold icon

Note: Weapon and Jewelry upgrades use food. Armor and Pottery upgrades uses gold.

Every level up increases for buffs/refunds or decreases for debuffs/costs the stat by 1%

All stats have a base stat of 1%, 6%. or 11%

Artifact Unlocking Edit

Artifact can be unlocked by unlocking more benefits it has. Unlocking more benefits means more benefits boosts you have.

Benefit unlock

artifact benefit unlock complete

Stars Supplies Supplies Researchers Researchers Benefactors Benefactors Upgrade Time
2400 - -1h
3600 - -12h
4800175 -1d
51000 -2003d

Artifacts Selling Edit

The value of the artifact increases as one levels up a stat or unlocks a new ability



Unlocked 1 Star2515
Unlocked 2 Stars9040
Unlocked 3 Stars300300
Unlocked 4 Stars800800
Unlocked 5 Stars20001500

Every level up adds +45 Mysterious Fragments and +20 Blueprints to resell value.

Boosts Edit

The research of Hannibal Barca at the University confers the following bonuses to Museum:

The Microprocessor Technology research at Library confers the following bonuses to Museum:

The Archaeology Technology research at Library confers the following bonuses to Museum:

  • Chapter 1: +5 Museum Storage
  • Chapter 2: +10% Mysterious Fragments production capacity
  • Chapter 3: +5 Museum Storage
  • Chapter 4: +10% Blueprints when selling Artifacts
  • Chapter 5: 5% chance to craft a 3-star Artifact
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