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“Freedom is the only thing worth living for.”

General Information[]

The White Mouse

Historical Description[]

Nancy Wake was a brave Allied resistance fighter born in New Zealand in 1912, before her family moved to Sydney, Australia two years later. When she was 16 she ran away from home and found work as a nurse. Only four years later, she traveled to France where she changed her career to journalism. During her time as a journalist, she witnessed the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany, and began seeing more frequent abuse towards the Jewish people. Germany’s invasion of France was swift and effective. During the 6 weeks of the invasion, Wake served France as an ambulance driver. After France fell, however, she joined an Allied resistance organization known as the Pat O'Leary Line.

The Pat O’Leary Line aimed to help Allied soldiers stranded in France escape back to the Allies in Great Britain. This and many other escape networks are credited with aiding roughly 7,000 Allied soldiers and airmen. These escape lines consisted of about 12,000 people, half of whom were women. The Pat O’Leary Line was ultimately compromised in 1943 by one of the workers who had either been blackmailed or bribed by Germany. This spelled the end of one of the several escape networks, but Wake’s role in the war was far from over.

After Wake narrowly escaped German capture, she enrolled in Britain’s Special Operations Executive where she was commended for excelling at everything she took part in. She was a quick and accurate shot, outclassed others in field operation drills, and her charisma “put the men to shame.” In April 1944, Wake parachuted into France as part of a three-person team, whose goal was to act as a liaison between London and a resistance group in France led by Émile Coulaudon. Wake’s role was to identify, collect, and distribute Allied airdrops in France containing weapons, materials, and money. After a month, however, Wake’s team was forced to abandon that effort due to German advancement. Wake then participated in a raid that destroyed the German Gestapo Headquarters in Montlucon and she correctly identified a German spy among the rescued captives.

After the war, Nancy Wake received a variety of medals, including the George Medal, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Medaille de la Resistance, and the Croix de Guerre–all of which she eventually sold while stating ‘There was no point in keeping them, I'll probably go to hell and they'd melt anyway.’

Councilor Benefits[]

Primary Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Paratrooper HP +5% +7% +9% +12% +15%
Paratrooper DMG +4% +5% +7% +10%
Oil Looted +8% +10% +13%
Oil Looted +10% +13%
All Resources Looted +15%

War Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Defender Spawn Time -5% -6% -7% -9% -12%
Ranged Infantry DMG +10% +12% +15% +20%
MRL DMG +10% +13% +16%
Guerrilla HP +11% +14%
Defender Spawn Time -12%