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“Sometimes force is able to exterminate the wicked customs of those that do not use reason.”

General Information[]

Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba

Historical Description[]

The eldest daughter of Mbdani a Ngola Kiluanji, Njinga Mbandi displayed charisma and physical prowess at a young age. Njinga trained with the army of Ndongo and accompanied her father to court sessions, developing strong diplomatic and social skills which prepared her for imminent hostile threats and political negotiations. While later acting as an emissary for Ndongo, Njinga spoke with the governor of Luanda over recent Portuguese hostilities. The local tradition required her to sit on the floor. Instead of following this demeaning tradition, she instead used her attendant as a chair. Her audacious response to Portuguese demands was inspiring, so much so that the governor agreed to a peace treaty between Ndongo and Luanda.

After the untimely deaths of both Mbandi a Ngola and his heir, the throne was inherited by Njinga Mbandi. Despite her best efforts, relations with the Portuguese became unstable as Ndongo continued to resist Portuguese rule. Njinga managed to conquer the nearby kingdom of Matamba, while also partnering with the Dutch West India Company to strengthen the resistance against the Portuguese. She successfully negotiated a more comprehensive peace treaty with the Portuguese in 1657, thus ending the conflict between the two nations.

Njinga refused to accept gendered norms by wearing clothes traditionally worn by men while also insisting that she be referred to as “King” rather than “Queen.” Her nuanced stance on these matters, as well as her stalwart defiance against colonialism caused Njinga to be viewed as a tenacious diplomat, fierce leader and a worthy opponent. Njinga ruled until her death in 1663.

Councilor Benefits[]

Primary Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Defender HP +5% +6% +7% +9% +12%
Sniper Tower DMG +8% +10% +13% +16%
Invading Heavy Tank HP -5% -7% -10%
Invading Generals DMG & HP -5% -6%
Defensive Missile Silo DMG +8%

War Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Ranged Siege Damage +8% +10% +12% +15% +20%
Bazooka Attack Speed +5% +6% +7% +9%
Paratrooper HP +8% +11% +15%
Attack Helicopter DMG & HP +9% +12%
Bazooka & Paratrooper DMG +5%