Offensive Ballistics

“Offensive ballistic missiles offer incredible destructive power all at the push of one big red button.”

Offensive Ballistics is a Level 13 Technology which grants bonuses to Missile Silo.

General DescriptionEdit

Chapter Requirements Cost Time XP Gain Description
1 Library level 13 +
Advanced Ballistics
12,000,000 Gold icon 1d 1,700 -15% Missile Silo Upgrade cost
2 13,000,000 Gold icon 5d12h 5,000 +20% Offensive Missile Silo Launch Damage
3 14,000,000 Gold icon 9d 6,000 -50% Offensive Missile Silo Launch Cooldown
4 15,000,000 Gold icon 11d 7,000 -25% Offensive Missile Silo Oil cost to be re-armed
5 250,000 Oil icon 16d 8,000 +1 Offensive Missile Silo Target
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