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The Oil Boom arrived with version update 1.5.67. This update added the ability to build Wells and Refineries to collect and store Oil in, starting in the Enlightenment Age.

This update also added new achievements for Oil Boom, as well.

Oil Boom


You must be in the Enlightenment Age.

The Oil Boom update allows Leaders to build new structures that will serve as storage for a new game element – Oil. Once Leaders enter the Enlightenment Age, they will see Oil Wells and Oil Refineries become available to purchase and build in their Store menu.

New Buildings

The following buildings are new to build with the Oil Boom update:

Building Age Description
Oil Well Enlightenment Produces Oil. One additional Oil Well can be unlocked with the Drilling technology that can be researched in the Library.
Oil Refinery Enlightenment Acts as storage for Oil produced in the Oil Wells.
Factory Enlightenment Unlocks the Troop types Gatling Gun, Guerilla, and Heavy Tank.

New Achievements

Achievement Description
Oil Raid I Plunder 5,000 Oil in Multiplayer Battles.
Oil Raid II Plunder 112,500 Oil in Multiplayer Battles.
Oil Raid III Plunder 450,000 Oil in Multiplayer Battles.

This content was included in the version 1.5.67 update. For more information and to see what else was included in this update, please see "Oil Boom" update, version 1.5.67,.