Oil refinery lvl 7

“Oil Refineries store your oil to keep it ready for use. They can also order oil shipments.”



  • Available in the Enlightenment Age, you can store your Oil here, and start to raid it from opposing Enlightenment Age+ players.
  • Note that Gunpowder Age players and below cannot steal your Oil. Don't let this discourage you from placing Oil Refinery inside your walls, as enemies that have purchased an Oil Refinery can easily steal your Oil.
  • Attackers can steal less than 10% of your Oil from the Oil Refinery.


Age Number Available Maximum Capacity Oil icon
Enlightenment Age 1 50,000
Industrial Age 135,000
Global Age170,000
Atomic Age250,000
Cold War Age 265,000
Space Age280,000
Size 2x2
Level Build Cost Gold icon Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp Citizens Needed Citizen Storage Capacity Oil icon HP Health icon Age Unlocked
1700,0002d1,630450,00022,875Enlightenment Age
21,200,0006d2,980135,00024,125Industrial Age
32,000,0007d3,245170,00025,375Global Age
54,500,0009d3,725250,00031,865Atomic Age
65,500,0009d 12h3,840265,00041,425Cold War Age
76,500,00010d4,025280,00054,985Space Age

*Research Drilling Chapter 1 at the Library for +40% Oil Well and Oil Refinery HP.

Oil ShipmentEdit

Shipment Type Shipment Cost Diamond Shipment Amount Oil icon Oil Refinery Level
Tiny 1 25-75 1
Small 2 68-203 2+

Boosts Edit

The Drilling Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to Oil Refinery:

  • Chapter 1: Increases Oil Well and Oil Refinery health by 40%
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