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“PMC Soldier excel at destorying enemy buildings. Defensive buildings won't shoot them, due to the sneaky guerrilla tactics they use.”

The PMC Soldier is a Mercenary Melee Infantry available at Mercenary Camp level 14. The previous mercenary of this type is the Soldier of Fortune

General Information[]

PMC Soldier are sneaky soldiers good at destroying enemy buildings. They aren't professional troops but while their weapons are a bit weaker they make up for that by employing sneaky guerrilla tactics (which mean defensive buildings won't shoot them).

Historical Description[]

Since the end of the Cold War, standing army budgets have fallen, but wars have not ceased. More and more, these conflicts are fought by a new breed of corporation known as private military companies or PMCS. They often attract former soldiers, in particular special forces, with promises of lucrative pay. Services range from logistics, training, and security to front-line combat ops. In theory they are more flexible and cost-effective than national armies, and it is politically easier to risk the lives of PMC employees than those of military servicepeople.

Of course, these armies-for-hire are fraught with controversy. They operate in a legal gray area. As private corporations, they lack the oversight, transparency, and accountability of regular forces. Their duty is not to protect a country but to turn a profit. Although some refuse offers they find unethical, anybody with enough money can engage less-picky outfits. Still, they are apparently too convenient not to use. As an example of their prevalence, at one point the U.S. had more PMC contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan than actual soldiers, though many were in non-combat roles.