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“These heavily armored tanks have a persistence Blitzkrieg aura that immobilizes defender producing buildings withing its range!”

General Information[]

Panther Tank is an event troops from Events, Chest or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics. First available after 6.7 Updates.

Panther Tank Army

Historical Description[]

During the first half of World War II, the Germans and Soviets, being allies, shared information about many of their technological innovations. However, the Soviets weren’t completely forthcoming and kept the Germans in the dark regarding some critical features of their equipment. When the Germans attacked the Soviets in 1941, as part of Operation Barbarossa, they were not prepared for the Soviets’ most powerful tank, the T-34, and suffered devastating losses as a result.

This fateful encounter set in motion the creation of the German medium Panther tank, which was designed and manufactured within a year of the battle. The Panther’s unique combination of thick armor, a powerful cannon capable of firing armor-piercing ammunition, and its cross-country mobility, made it one of the best tanks of WWII.

Partly due to constant Allied air attacks targeting German factories, the Wehrmacht’s main focus was on quality over quantity. As such, it took over 2,000 person-hours to manufacture one Panther tank. As powerful as each individual Panther was, in the end they were overwhelmed by cheaper mass-produced Soviet armor. By the end of the war, only 6,000 Panthers were produced, which was a minuscule amount compared to the 57,000 T-34's manufactured by the Soviets.


Level Health Health icon Damage per Second Damage DPS against Defensive Building Damage Training Cost Training Time Watch Units / Troop Tactics TroopSpace
1 4,316 59 119 - - 2
2 6,867 83 167 - - 3
3 8,123 94 188 - - 3
4 11,432 237 474 - - 3
6 22,431 568 1,137 - - ?
8 33,308 750 1,500 - - 4