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“The Peloponnesian War was fought between the city-states of Greece - Athens and her allies versus Sparta and hers. The war lasted for 26 years. After early victories Athens lost her army during an invasion of Sicily, and Sparta emerged victorious.”


The Peloponnesian War is the third Single Player Campaign and takes place in Greece during the Iron Age against the Greek civilization. The goal of the campaign is to destroy the Acropolis in Athens.

The campaign consists of 12 levels with five stars each. Upon earning all 60 stars, the player receives 25 Crowns.

It is suggested to use a Classical Age level troops and army size in this campaign.


Below are the levels of the campaign.


The map of the Peloponnese War.


"Fell to the famous Trojan Horse ruse."


“Troy was a Greek city located somewhere in what is now Turkey. Some archaeologists believe that the ruins known as 'Troy VII' are those of the legendary city of Homer's Iliad. So far no large wooden horse has been discovered.”

Loot: 8,000 food & gold

Facts: Though it exist, little is known about it and we don't know if the Trojan Horse was real.


"Future birthplace of Alexander the Great."


“Macedonia was home to two of history's great warriors – Philip II and his son, Alexander the Great. Philip added heavy cavalry and light infantry to his army. After his death, Alexander used the army to conquer pretty much everything within reach.”

Loot: 8,000 food & gold

Facts: Was the unifier of Greece and thus somewhat led to its demise


"Origin of the Greek philosophical tradition."


“A Greek city on the coast of Anatolia (Turkey), Miletus was conquered by the Persians under Cyrus in 547 BCE. The Greeks recaptured Miletus 100 years later, and the area was fully freed from Persian rule by Alexander in 334 BCE.”

Loot: 9,000 food & gold


"Frontier area at the periphery of the Greek world."


“Occupying the north-west portion of Greece, Epirus was often at war with early Rome. King Pyrrhus fought Rome for six years in Southern, giving the world the wonderful term 'Pyrrhic Victory' – a battle won at such a cost as to be worse than defeat.”

Loot: 8,500 food & gold

Facts: In the Heroes of Olympus, it is the place where the House of Hades is.


"Home to the Colossus of Rhodes."


“Rhodes is a Greek island just off the coast of Anatolia. In 280 BCE sculptor Chares of Lindos created a 100-foot tall bronze statue to the god Helios in the harbor. This Colossus of Rhodes was one of the 'Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.'”

Loot: 10,000 food & gold

Facts: Its Navy kept pirates of the Mediterranean at bay until it fell into ruin. It was the outpost of some knights that is now the Order of Malta. The Colossus was one of the Wonders of the Ancient World, towering. It has been lost to time.


"Mythological home of the Centaurs."


“A rugged area north of Athens, Thessaly was said to have been inhabited by the centaurs, half man, half horse, born of an odd mating between the disgraced King of Thessaly and a cloud. (Long story.)”

Loot: 9,000 food & gold


"Houses the mythical labyrinth."


“Crete is the legendary home of evil King Minos, who each year fed seven young men and seven young women to the monstrous Minotaur. He was killed by two princesses who drowned him in boiling water while he was taking a bath.”

Loot: ?

Facts: The biggest island in the Aegean. Was the location of part of the myth of Daedalus and thus of the Minotaur.


"Outlying mountainous region."


“Located in the mountains north of the Golf of Corinth. In 279 Greece was invaded by Gauls but they were driven off by the 'Aetolian League,' an alliance of local cities set up for just this kind of occurrence.”

Loot: 10,000 food & gold


"Known for being ruled by tyrants."


“Located uncomfortably between Sparta and Athens, the two great powers of Ancient Greece, Corinth was often allied with one against the other. Corinth was renowned for its temple to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, one of the most profitable in all of Greece.”

Loot: ?

Facts: Was the kingdom of Sisyphus and of Phaethon.


"Rumored location of the entrance to Hades."


“Thermopylea, or 'Hot Springs' is a narrow strip of land between mountain and sea. It's where 300 Spartans (plus 1100 other Greek troops who never get any credit) fought to the death to delay the advance of King Xerxes' Persian army.”

Loot: 14,000 food & gold

Facts: Was the place where a famous battle of the Greco-Persian War happened and was used to bolster the reputation of Sparta(Leonidas and the 300). It was actually a bunch of Thebans who first made the stand.


"A leading Greek city-state, later destroyed by Alexander the Great."


“Thebes was a powerful city-state, rivaling Athens and Sparta. Thebes and most of Greece was conquered by Phillip of Macedon in 338 BCE. Thebes revolted after Phillip's death, which was a mistake: in 335 Alexander easily recaptured and then destroyed the city.”

Loot: 16,000 food & gold


"The cradle of Western civilization."


“Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, having been inhabited for over 7000 years. In its day, Athens was a great naval and land military power. Credited with the invention of democracy, philosophy, and satire, Athens is known as the birthplace of western civilization.”

Loot: 21,000 food & gold

Facts: Was named after Athena, founded Democracy and thus was the most influential city in Greece, being the Capital of the Hellenic Republic for a long time.

Campaign Buildings[]

The Acropolis

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