Persian Heavy Cavalry
Persian Heavy Cavalry
Health 3,960 Health icon
Damage per second 134
Damage vs Resource Buildings 40
Range Melee
Strength Tough, good against Catapults
Weakness Ballista Towers, Spike Traps
Favorite Targets Defensive buildings
Required Goods 1 Diamond
4 Metal
General Information
Mercenary Camp Level 3 and 4
Army Size 1
Troop Type Mercenary Heavy Cavalry

The Persian Heavy Cavalry is a Mercenary Heavy Cavalry available at Mercenary Camp level 3. The next mercenary of this type is the Templar Knight.

Description Edit

"Hard-hitting cavalry mercenary."

"The Persians were among the first in history to field true 'Heavy' Cavalry - armored horse and riders designed to directly engaged enemy troops rather than stand off and shoot arrows at them. Seen during the Archaemenid Empire (550-330 BCE), the Persia cavalry wore plate armor while the horses wore leather. The Persian armies would eventually be obliterated by Alexander the Great, but for two centuries they dominated a large portion of Asia and North Africa."