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"Arrr... the winds be carryin' the echoes of an old sea shanty... ye best be ready for a new event landlubbers!"

Pirate Raid! is a 7-day event that specializes around the Pirate unit. There is a total of 5 steps in the event in order to earn the Pirate Fort; which is a building that produces pirates. The steps tell that you need to burn economic buildings to the ground in order to earn a reward for each step. This event started at June 15, 2016 and ends at June 22, 2016.

Historical Description[]

Pirates are notorious raiders. On July 10th 1668, Captain Morgan and his band of pirates sacked the city of Portobelo in Panama. Portobelo served as a shipping point for Spanish gold from Peru, but remained relatively quiet and peaceful due to it being protected by three castles: Santiago, San Geronimo and San Felipe. Although the next treasure fleet wasn't expected for another year or so, Morgan decided on a land assault with 500 corsairs and buccaneers.

Morgan quickly took control of San Geronimo, pushing forward to Santiago, using valuable prisoners as human shields for his men, while secondary forces of buccaneers found ladders and scaled the walls. The soldiers in San Felipe agreed to parley and with that Morgan had captured the three castles. He ran the English flag up the three forts giving his ships at sea the sign they had been waiting for. With full forces Morgan took control of the city for weeks until a hefty ransom was paid.

How good are you sacking your opponents economic buildings?


Pirate event

Step 1: Destroy 200 economic buildings.

Step 2: Destroy 550 economic buildings.

  • Reward: 375,000 gold

Step 3: Destroy 975 economic buildings.

Step 4: Destroy 1,500 economic buildings. 

  • Reward: 1,100,000 gold

Step 5: Destroy 2,150 economic buildings. 

*Number of destroyed defensive buildings will add up.

** Steps and rewards may vary depending on the age of the player.

Recommended Units and Buildings[]

  1. Vault
  2. Raider
  3. Redoubt