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“These dubious doctors heal your troops, periodically causing a plague outbreak that damages enemy troops.”

General Information[]

The Plague Doctor is an Event Troop from the Apothecary Event Building, Plague Chest, Halloween Chest, or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics.

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Historical Description[]

As the bubonic plague killed millions across Europe, plague doctors were responsible for diagnosing and recording deaths caused by the disease. They often attempted to cure the infected and sold their services to patients. However, their use of medieval medical practices, such as bleeding patients, had low success rates in curing the disease.

The iconic plague doctor uniform of dark robes and a beak-er mask was developed in the 17th century by renowned physician Charles de l'Orne. The beak was filled with aromatic herbs to protect plague doctors from the 'bad air' thought to cause the Black Death.


Level Hitpoints Health icon HPS Heal HPS for Generals and Cavalry Heal Training Cost Food Troops/Army TroopSpace
1 371 16 48 1,250 2
2 488
3 642
4 755 27 81 6,875 4
5 875
6 1,013
7 1,089 38 114 11,875 ?
8 1,516 44 132 14,850 4