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“These soldier troops deal higher than normal damage and deal bonus damage to enemy troops.”

General Information[]

The Qinglong Ji is an Event Troop from Events, Chest, or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics.

Qinglong Ji Army

Historical Description[]

The ji was a Chinese polearm used across multiple dynasties for over 3,000 years. The qinglong ji had a spear tip and crescent blade on one side.

The weapon offered a variety of fighting techniques, depending on the situation. The halberdier could strike with the shaft of the ji, allowing them the option of then pulling the weapon back to hook with the blade. The side of the blade could also be used to dismount opponents from their horses. Even the rear of the ji was often equipped with a counterweight, useful for striking.


Level Hitpoints Health icon DPS Damage DPS against Enemy Troops Damage Training Cost Food Troops/Army TroopSpace
1 1,490 248 496 - 3
2 1,529 446 892 - 4
3 1,780 576 1,152 - 4
4 2,136 600 1,200 - 5
10 6,972 1,333 2,666 - 8