Valiant Motorcycle Raider

The Valiant Motorcycle Raider is currently the highest level of Raider available in the game.

Raiders is the third type of troop to use for the player in DomiNations. Raiders are excellent against resource buildings but are weak against other buildings such as defensive buildings. They're unlocked in the Bronze Age.

General Information Edit

Horse Raider

The Horse Raider is the first level of standard Raiders available to the player. They're unlocked in the Bronze Age.

The standard Raider's A.I. is to attack the closest resource building. They do 400% more damage to a resource building and are extremely fast. They can also hold up against infantry. However, their disadvantages are that they do low damage to non-resource buildings and defensive buildings.

There are no unique unit versions of the Raiders yet.

Raiders takes up 3 spaces in a barracks. They are trained in 2 minutes & 30 seconds. They have a range of 1.5.


  • Strength: Deals 4x damage vs. resource buildings
  • Weakness: Vulnerable to heavy defenses
  • Favorite Targets: Resource buildings
Name Age HP Health icon DPS DPS vs. Resource Buildings Cost Food Upgrade Cost Food Upgrade Time XP Gain
Horse Raider Bronze Age 450 35 105 90 14,000 2h 135
Heavy Horse Raider Iron Age 480 40 120 110 50,000 4h 195
Cavalry Raider Classical Age 840 114 285 200 200,000 12h 355
Heavy Cavalry Raider Medieval Age 860 120 360 300 600,000 1d 520
Dragoon Raider Gunpowder Age 880 155 465 465 1,800,000 2d 760
Carabineer Raider Enlightenment Age 990 160 480 660 4,000,000 4d 1,115
Motorcycle Raider Industrial Age 1100 194 777 680 4,500,000 8d 1,630
Heavy Motorcycle Raider Global Age 1,280 261 1,044 700 5,750,000 10d 1,845
Veteran Motorcycle Raider Atomic Age 1,837 392 1,568 800 6,900,000 12d 2,040
Elite Motorcycle Raider Cold War Age 1,958 416 1,664 940 10,100,000 13d 2,130
Valiant Motorcycle Raider Space Age 2,050 436 1,747 1,081 12,200,000 14d 2,130


The Standing Army Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Raiders:

  • Chapter 4: +10% Barracks Troops' attack (or Healing) and health

The research of Mansa Musa in the University confers the following bonuses to the Raiders:

  • Raiders Damage: +6% Raiders damage (5 levels)

The Versailles wonder confers these bonuses to the Raiders:

  • Hitpoint boost to both your attacking and defending troops: 10%
  • The Heritage at the Library Chapter 1 increases the hitpoint bonus from +10% to +11%.

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • If a base has full resource producers such as farms or caravans, use raiders against them so you can reap all of its resources.
  • If resource storage buildings such as the mill or market has a lot of loot, try bring in an army composition of raiders.
  • Surprisingly, Raiders are strong against enemy infantry and can hold up in a fight.

Defensive Strategy Edit

  • Raiders make good alliance troops. When the enemy spawns troops, Raiders will rush to the scene to deal with them. Their high hitpoints keep them in the fight longer than infantry units.

Trivia Edit

Lightly-armed mounted soldiers, called scouts, are often the first to see combat. They often take advantage of an unprepared enemy, raiding weakpoints and destroying valuable resources and equipment. They also provide valuable information to their commander.