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Rally is an action during a multiplayer battle, world war battle, or solo campaign, to designate a location to make troops attack at this location. Rally may be used on a building or just an empty space.


If rally is used on a building, troops will rally until building is destroyed. if rally is used on an empty space, troops will rally to this location.

Troops will temporarily obtain a bonus of speed. Speed or duration are not official.

Once used, a cooldown of 35 seconds will apply before it may be used again.

Banners technology allows to increase rally length by 100% and to decrease its cooldown by 5 seconds.

German nation decreases the cooldown on rally by 5 seconds.

Very Large Array decreases the cooldown on rally by 5 seconds.

A common strategy is to rally on a building that's about to be destroyed, this will result in speeding up your troops.