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“Genghis Khan's armies would often use a feigned retreat tactic. Troops would pretend to run, luring enemy troops into hiding reinforcements.”

Reinforcementsis a Level 1 Technology unlocked when you first build the Library.

General Information[]


Chapter Cost Gold icon Time Clock Exp Gain Exp Description
1 50,000 4h 520 2 Hidden defenders come from the Forest.
2 100,000 12h 760 Increases defender attack by 10%.
3 200,000 1d 1,115 2 More hidden defenders come from the Forest.
4 400,000 1d 12h 2,301 +10% Defender health.
5 800,000 3d 3,370 +10% Defender attack.
  • Notre Dame wonder decreases the Library research cost by 10%.
  • Forest defenders are cavalry units and their level is based on highest level Stable.
  • The Forest defenders will appear randomly near a Forest when the first enemy Troop has been placed.