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“During WWII, the resistance movement in Europe sabotaged communication lines, gathered intelligence for the Allies and assisted escaped POWs to help defeat the Axis powers.”

Resistance is a Level 8 Technology unlocked in the Global Age which produces troops to defend your base when certain buildings are destroyed.

General Information[]


Chapter Cost Gold icon Time Clock Exp Gain Exp Description
1 1,300,000 8h 1,010 Barracks produce Heavy Infantry when destroyed
2 2,600,000 3d 3,370 War Academy produces Heavy Cavalry when destroyed
3 3,900,000 6d 4,935 Armory produces Nations unique unit when destroyed
4 5,200,000 8d 5,780 Factory produces a Heavy Tank when destroyed
5 7,800,000 12d 7,225 Mercenary Camp produces a Flammpanzer when destroyed
  • Notre Dame wonder decreases the library research cost by 10%.


Attacking Strategies[]

You can use betrayal to steal the Heavy Tank spawned from the destroyed factory to give you an edge in battle.