“Advances in rocket science during the Cold War led to the invention of satellites and ICBMs, missiles capable of hitting targets on the other side of the world.”


Rocketry is a Level 12 Technology which grants bonuses to Missile Silo.

General DescriptionEdit

Chapter Requirements Cost Gold Time XP Gain Description
1 Library level 12+ Sentries 2,300,000 18h 1,575 +10% Missile Silo health
2 4,600,000 5d 4,465 +5% Missile Silo attack
3 6,900,000 8d 5,780 Reduces the threat required for missile launches by 5%
4 9,200,000 10d 6,535 +5% Missile Silo attack
5 11,500,000 14d 7,835 Reduces missile launch time by 1 second
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