The Saint-Chamond Tank (abbreviated to St. Chamond) is the level 6 French unique Heavy Cavalry unlocked in the Industrial Age. Its predecessor is the Hussar and can be upgraded to a R-35 Tank. It's researched in a level 8 blacksmith. It is the French version of the tank.

General Information Edit

  • Like all heavy cavalry, St.-Chamonds are front runners among all troops, with a great deal of hitpoints, they can endure more than any other troop. For their strength in taking damage, they do sheer damage themselves and cannot win battles unless they are supported by stronger troops.
  • Due to the French's nation power of troops trained quicker; the St.-Chamond can be trained in 2 minutes and 48 seconds which is 42 seconds earlier than standard heavy cavalry (3 minutes and 30 seconds).
  • The St.-Chamond is one of the strongest units in the game; as well as the strongest heavy cavalry.
  • The St.-Chamond has more damage than standard heavy cavalry and can minimize casualties.
  • If you build the Notre Dame wonder, you can upgrade to St.-Chamond for 6,300,000 food, which is 700,000 less than the original price (7,000,000 food).
  • As a French unique unit, St.-Chamond tanks can inflict more damage and has more health than standard tanks.

Historical Description Edit

"The French St. Chamond was a heavy tank produced during First World War. Introduced in 1917, the model started its career as a failure, underpowered and with bad tracks. At the beginning of 1918, a new revised model was released. While the preferred combat vehicle of the French Army was the Renault FT, the St. Chamond had active participation on the last final allied offensives."

Visuals Edit

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • St.-Chamonds have a lot of health but are slow and have low attack power, so use them in groups.
  • St.-Chamonds are weak against many defenses grouped together.
  • Due to their high health, St.-Chamonds can be use as meat(or metal) shields to protect infantry from the defenses.
  • Anti-Tank Guns can destroy St.-Chamonds easily like all heavy cavalry. If you can, try swarming it with heavy infantry or ranged infantry to destroy it quick enough since the anti-tank gun is slow.
  • When pushing for trophies, you would need to destroy the Town Center. In many bases, the town center would be in the center of the base. First, train up an army of St.-Chamonds and an engineer. When attacking, deploy an engineer and wait until it destroys the necessary walls, then deploy all your St.-Chamonds in the areas which the Town Center is more close to. If there are a few defenses blocking the way, destroy them. Then rally your St.-Chamonds to destroy the Town Center.
  • St.-Chamonds would ignore defensive troops and would pursue their targets which are defensive buildings. However, if a defensive troop attacks the St.-Chamond, the St.-Chamond will attack back until the defensive troop is killed; thus making the St.-Chamond distracted. Try to use and deploy ranged infantry such as riflemen or heavy infantry such as shock infantry after deploying the St.-Chamonds to eliminate the defensive troops.

Defensive Strategies Edit

  • St.-Chamonds are a good alliance troop due to its high health, making it longer to kill them.

Trivia Edit

  • Over 400 St-Chamond tanks were manufactured for the French forces during WWI. The tank's original design was slightly flawed, as its tracks were much shorter than the length of the tank. Eventually, these tanks would be phased out and replaced by British heavy tanks.
  • At level 21+, Napoleon rides a St-Chamond Tank, rather than his horse.
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