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Sally Ride

"Sally Ride was born in California in 1951. An athletically gifted youth, she considered pursuing a professional tennis career before deciding to attend Stanford. There she receive multiple degrees, culminating in a doctorate in physics in 1978. Shortly before graduating, she was selected as a candidate for NASA astronaut training.

The next year, Ride became eligible to participate in space shuttle missions. She served on the ground as capsule communicator for two Columbia missions before joining the flight crew of the Challenger in 1983. This made her the first American woman in space, though she was preceded by the Soviet cosmonauts Valentina Tereshkova and Svetlana Savitskaya. Right flew on the Challenger again the following year, but her scheduled third mission was cancelled after the shuttle exploded in 1986. President Reagan appointed her to the commission investigating the accident. In 2003, she joined the committee for the Columbia disaster, becoming the only person to serve on both.

She left NASA in 1987 and devoted her life to promoting science education, especially for girls. Ride wrote children's books, taught at the University of California San Diego, directed the California Space Institute, and founded an educational company called Sally Ride Science. Upon her death in 2012, her obituary revealed that she had been with a female partner for 27 years. This made her the first known LGBT astronaut. For her outstanding contributions to science and education, she was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian honor."

University Level Technology Name Benefit per Level Number of Levels Requirements Cost/Duration
3 Machine Gun Infantry Damage +3% damage of Machine Gun Infantry 5 None
4 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 2k 3d
2 4k 4d
3 6k 5d
4 8k 6d
5 10k 7d
Total 30k 25d
3 DOMINATION Oil Bonus +3% increased of Oil gained from Multiplayer Battle DOMINATION bonus 5 None
4 Citizen
Level CostFood Time
1 1,300k 3d
2 1,600k 4d
3 1,900k 5d
4 2,200k 6d
5 2,500k 7d
Total 9,500k 25d
3 Factory Hitpoints +3% on Factory Hitpoints 5 Machine Gun Infantry Damage Level 1

DOMINATION Oil Bonus Level 1

4 Citizen
Level CostGold icon Time
1 1,500k 3d
2 3,000k 4d
3 4,500k 5d
4 6,000k 6d
5 7,500k 7d
Total 22,500k 25d
4 Commandos Hitpoints +3% on Commandos Hitpoints 10 Factory Hitpoints Level 3
5 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 20k 6d
2 40k 7d
3 60k 8d
4 80k 9d
5 100k 10d
6 110k 11d
7 115k 12d
8 120k 13d
9 130k 14d
10 135k 15d
Total 910k 105d
4 Alliance Gate Troop Capacity Increases Donated Troops Cap by 5 4 Factory Hitpoints Level 3
6 Citizen
Level CostFood Time
1 4,500k 6d
2 5,900k 7d
3 6,750k 8d
4 7,000k 9d
Total 24,150k 30d
4 Heavy Tank Spawns Machine Gunners Heavy Tank spawns 2 Machine Gun Infantry on death (equal level to the HT). 1 Commandos Hitpoints Level 3

Alliance Gate Troop Capacity Level 3

8 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 120k 8d
5 Armored Car Damage +2% damage of Armored Car 5 Heavy Tank Spawns Machine Gunners Level 1
7 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 30k 5d
2 60k 6d
3 90k 7d
4 120k 8d
5 150k 9d
Total 450k 35d
5 Assault Rally Speed Increases move speed on Assault Rally by 3%

(6% for level 3)

5 Heavy Tank Spawns Machine Gunners Level 1
7 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 40k 5d
2 80k 6d
3 120k 7d
4 160k 8d
5 200k 9d
Total 600k 35d
6 APC Hitpoints +2% hitpoints of APC 10 Armored Car Damage Level 3
7 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 50k 5d
2 ?k ?d
3 ?k ?d
4 ?k ?d
5 ?k ?d
6 ?k ?d
7 ?k ?d
8 ?k ?d
9 ?k ?d
10 ?k ?d
Total ?k ?d
6 Tactical Helicopter Hitpoints +2% hitpoints of Tactical Helicopter 10 Assault Rally Speed Level 3
7 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 100k 5d
2 110k 6d
3 120k 7d
4 130k 8d
5 140k 9d
6 150k 10d
7 160k 11d
8 170k 12d
9 180k 13d
10 190k 14d
Total 1,450k 95d
8 Missile Command Increases Offensive Missile Silo Reticles by 2 1 Total Skill Level 60
9 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 275k 15d

Takes ? days to complete without bonuses, using Atomium and first two leaders and Leo benefits takes ? days