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Greetings Leaders,

Season 6: Untold Winters Kicks off today with a new set of strategies to explore! This season features a shorter list of changes, but MUCH more potent than previous Seasons. The Fortified Strongpoint will be the featured special building giving you an additional Troop Tactic slot, and Bombers will make much more concentrated bombing runs.

This Season begins on 12/17 at 15:00 UTC and will end on 03/03 at 15:00 UTC.

Season 6: Untold Winters is here! Experiment with tremendous destruction while attacking with Heavy Infantry and Bombers, or keep your army safe with the enhanced Tactical Helicopter boosted by Amplification! Watch invaders fall as you outplay them with new defensive strategies around the Anti Tank Gun and powerful Claymore improvement! All this and more during Season 6: Untold Winters.

New Offensive Strategies![]

  • Heavy Infantry Movement Speed +40%
  • Heavy Infantry Level 1-8 Defender Infantry Reduction Removed! (Heavy Infantry will deal normal damage to Defending Troops)
  • Heavy Infantry Level 9+ Building Damage Bonus +100%
  • Tactical Helicopter Attack Speed +150% > +175%
  • Tactical Helicopter Heal -20%
  • Bomber Hitpoints+30% > +20%
  • Bomber Attack Speed +200% (Bombs will drop MUCH faster than normal)
  • Bomber Run Distance -50%

New Defensive Strategies![]

  • Anti-Tank Gun Range +1
  • Anti-Tank Gun Damage -20% > -25%
  • Claymore Damage 100% > +130%

Special Unit Bonuses:[]

  • Joan of Arc Damage +50%
  • Zhukov Damage +50%
  • Amplification Directive Power +50%
  • Reinforced Foundations Directive Power +100%
  • Fortified Strongpoint Hitpoints +75%
  • Leonidas Hitpoints +50%
  • Spartans Attack Speed +25%
  • Zweihander Hitpoints +200%
  • Zweihander Damage & Attack Speed +50%
  • T-90 Heavy Tank Damage +50%

Additional Bonuses:[]

  • Alliance Law Donation Food Cost -50%
  • Third General Train Cost -50%
  • Stonehenge Caravan Bonus +100% > +150%
  • Statue of Liberty Oil Generated +100%
  • Vault Withdrawal Time -75%

You'll be able to pick up the Season 6 Chest and Fortified Strongpoint starting today. You can also get a quick start on the Season Boosted Troop Tactics with the Supply Pack step-up for 1500 Crowns each step!

EDIT: Mid-season Update is now live, increased Tactical Helicopter Attack Speed and Claymore Damage. Reduced Anti-Tank Gun Damage and Bomber HP.