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I was FINALLY able to decode that encryption on those redacted stats for the upcoming season! It only took me an Army of Commandos to break through the walls, and a Spy or two to get past the rest of the traps along the way. But the key has been acquired!

Flourishing Frontlines Bonuses begin on 07/02 at 15:00 UTC and will end on 09/17 at 15:00 UTC.

Dominate the Leaderboards and Events to climb the ranks, and reap the rewards of Summer of the Ages! This Season will feature incredible buffs to the Sherman Crab Tank, as well as new strategies for the Commando troop and Missile Silo building!

New Strategies![]

  • Commando Movement Speed +40% > +45%
  • Commando Hitpoints -30%
  • Missile Silo Damage +25%
  • Missile Silo Attack Speed -20%

Offensive Bonuses:[]

  • Brandenburg Gate Factory Troop Damage Bonus +25% > +20%
  • Blitzkrieg Defender Delay Duration +25% > +30%
  • Mortar Infantry Damage +25% > +30%
  • Armored Car Hitpoints +40%
  • Fighter Damage +35% > +40%
  • Fighter Hitpoints +20% > +15%
  • Alexander Damage +50%
  • Churchill Damage +50%
  • Decoy Tactic Hitpoints +40%
  • Agility Directive Movement Speed Bonus +50%
  • Cripple Directive Damage Reduction +100%
  • Tank Workshop Population Bonus +5

Defensive Bonuses:[]

  • Acropolis Defender Spawn Time Reduction +50%
  • Acropolis Defender Health Bonus +100%
  • Burj Al Arab Defenders +2 > +3
  • Spec Ops Defender Movement Speed +20% > +30%
  • Redoubt Damage +33% > +40%
  • Sniper Tower Damage +30%
  • Armored Ambush Trap Defender Hitpoints +50% > +60%
  • GCI Radar Activation Range +1
  • Storage Blessing Power +50%
  • Surveillance Directive Duration +33%
  • Mobilize Directive Power +50%
  • Helipad Defender Damage +40% > +50%
  • Helipad Defenders per Wave +1
  • Helipad Max Defenders +2

Special Troop Bonuses:[]

  • General Pershing Damage +50%
  • Semtex Specialist Movement Speed +60% > +70%
  • Semtex Specialist Hitpoints -30%
  • Heavy Field Mortar Damage +45% > +40%
  • Armored Car Mk3 Hitpoints +60%
  • Sepecat Jaguar Damage +70% > +80%
  • Sepecat Jaguar Hitpoints +40% > +30%
  • Sherman Crab Tank Movement Speed +25%
  • Sherman Crab Tank Damage & Hitpoints +50% > +75%

Additional Bonuses:[]

  • Alliance XP per War Battle Victory +3
  • Alliance Law Donation Oil Cost -50%
  • DomiNations Bonus Resources +100%

Season 4 Chest Step-Up Sale[]

This Step-Up sale will be available starting 7/2, and feature the Season 4 Chest with chances to acquire the Red Baron's Engine Legendary Artifact! You'll also get Season Boosted Sepecat Jaguar, Sherman Crab Tank Troop Tactics, and more in each step. The sale will be available for a limited time during the Flourishing Frontlines Season!

Flourishing Frontlines Season Pass[]

The Flourishing Frontlines Season Pass will run from 7/2 until 7/23. You can obtain up to six Legendary Tokens and four Premium Recruitments for free. The Free Track includes Season Boosted Troop Tactics including Heavy Field Mortar, Sherman Crab Tank, General Pershing, and more! You can also get a free Season 4 Chest with a chance to obtain the Red Baron’s Engine Legendary Artifact!

Premium Pass holders can obtain the Season Boosted Helipad, and Sepecat Jaguar Troop Tactics. You can also acquire an additional six Legendary Tokens and five Season 4 Chests. This track also has 13 Superior Recruitments to help fill out your council collection, and plenty more!

With the closing of Season 3: Evolution of History, we're curious as to what was your favorite Bonus to utilize during the Season? Are there any bonuses, in particular, you'd like to see in the future? Or perhaps a Troop Tactic you'd like to see get a treatment similar to the Impi Army in Season 1: New Horizons? Maybe an older Troop Tactic you haven't seen in a while makes a return?

For Season 3: Evolution of History, MRLs received a reduced missile spread, increased damage, and an increased fire rate. We're planning to implement these changes permanently in a future update. We want to see this unit have a place in some strategies to keep up with other units in your potential compositions.

For the Flourishing Frontlines Season, we look forward to seeing what Bonuses you take advantage of and what stands out the most in your future battles!

Update 8/14Highlighted the Mid-Season Stat changes