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Greetings Leaders,

Welcome to the first DomiNations Season! The World War Season consists of four special Season Events, with the first event beginning on May 10th and ending on July 5th. Each Season Event will feature its own theme and combat configurations that can change how you approach a battle. We’re going to be mixing it up for each event, so make sure to keep an eye out to see what each Season Event brings.

In addition to these changes, make sure you log in during the Season to collect your daily World War Season Supply Drop, which will have different chest rewards inside depending on the theme. For the total duration of the Season, earn bonus Alliance XP and bonus Rubies from participating in World Wars! Food, Gold, and Oil Law Contribution costs are also reduced during the Season!

Armored Ambush Event[]

Date: 5/10/21 - 5/24/21

Our first Season Event is the Armored Ambush Event, which is focused on armored vehicles and their role on the battlefield. Here is a list of the boosts and discounts that will take place during the Armored Ambush Event!

Armored Ambush Event Changes (these changes will run from 5/10 - 5/24)[]

The following troops, tactics, and buildings will be boosted for the duration of the event:

  • +100% Heavy Cavalry Hitpoints and Damage
  • +100% Assault Vehicle Hitpoints and Damage
  • +100% MRL Hitpoints and Damage
  • +50% Humvee Hitpoints and Damage
  • +50% Char 2C Hitpoints and Damage
  • +50% T28 Super Heavy Tank Hitpoints and Damage
  • +50% KV-2 Super Heavy Tank Hitpoints and Damage
  • +50% TOS-1 Tank Hitpoints and Damage
  • +50% Yumi Samurai Hitpoints and Damage
  • +50% Catapult Hitpoints and Damage
  • +50% Super Heavy Tank Factory Hitpoints
  • +50% Samurai Stable Hitpoints
  • +50% First Aid War Tactic Duration

Upgrades to the following troops and tactics will be discounted for the duration of the event:[]

  • -15% Heavy Cavalry Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time
  • -15% Assault Vehicle Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time
  • -15% MRL Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time
  • -15% First Aid War Tactic Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

50% off Research for the following University Leaders:[]

  • Sultan Saladin
  • Sun Tzu

We would love to hear your impressions and feedback on the event once you get your hands on the changes. Let your voices be heard on our forums over at the War Season Feedback thread found here. We'll have more details to share on our second Event block as we get closer to the event's release.