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“Rise children of Zulu, your day has come!”

General Information[]

The Zulu King

Historical Description[]

Shaka kaSenzangakhona was born in July of 1787 and was the son of the Zulu King Senzangakhona kaJama. Labeled an illegitimate son, Shaka spent his childhood with his mother in small settlements, and was initiated into a military fighting unit at a young age. When his father died, Shaka’s brother became the King of the Zulu clan, but was soon after assassinated in a coup led by Dingiswayo. With his brother’s death, Shaka became the chief of the Zulu clan, though his full power was withheld as he was a vassal of the Mthethwa Paramountcy until Dingiswayo was killed a few years later.

Shaka was not immediately a powerful and influential ruler, as he lacked the reputation to warrant the respect of his people, and the people of other clans. In addition, the Zulu clan was small and lacked the strength of larger, more powerful clans. His military background proved essential in his rise to power; his military teachings helped the Zulu nation establish a military-centric outlook as well as adopting more combat effective tactics.

The military tactics in the region at the time lacked cohesion and order, most battles were uncoordinated and often resulted in bloody chaos.. Shaka split his forces into regiments, and each regiment was given orders for every battle, allowing his forces to form a more cohesive strategy. A standard Zulu tactic was to have a regiment of the youngest, most fierce warriors clash with the enemy head on while other groups would flank the enemy from behind, granting the Zulu the element of surprise while leaving the enemy no room to retreat.

With the Zulu clan’s military success Shaka was able to form alliances with other clans of the region, which turned the Zulu clan into a fierce power in present day South Africa. In 1828, Shaka was assassinated in a plot organized by his half-brothers Mhlangana and Dingane. Dingane took Shaka’s place as the Zulu King and used his power to expel Shaka’s legacy from Zulu culture. The Zulu military began to dwindle, and the tactics taught by Shaka were mostly abandoned, leading to devastating military defeats. After 12 years of ruling, Dingane was overthrown by a half-brother of his and Shaka, Mpande.

Councilor Benefits[]

Primary Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Defensive Tower Damage +5% +8% +10% +13% +16%
Wall Hitpoints +7% +9% +11% +16%
Invading Heavy Tank Hitpoints -5% -7% -10%
Invading Generals' Damage -10% -14%
Invading Bomber Damage -14%

War Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Machine Gun Infantry Damage +4% +5% +6% +8% +11%
Air Defense Damage +4% +5% +7% +10%
Bazooka Damage +5% +7% +10%
Heavy Tank Hitpoints +12% +18%
Paratrooper Damage and HP +14%