“Alerts defending troops the enemy is near! Instantly spawn a bonus wave of temporary boosted defenders from all nearby garrisons, stables and bunkers.”


General Information Edit

  • The Signal Flare is a Defensive Building that alerts defending troops the enemy is near. Causes nearby garrisons, stables and bunkers to spawn a bonus wave of boosted defenders.
  • It's a one time use and has to be re-armed after you're attacked (if it was triggered during the attack).

Defensive StrategiesEdit

  • Place within range of garrisons, stables or bunkers.


Age Number Available
Cold War Age 1
Level Build Cost Oil icon Re-Arm Cost Gold icon Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Needed Citizen Experience Gain Exp Boost


Movement Speed Attack Speed Range Age Unlocked
1 45,000 ? 0s1 - 10s +20% +20% 3 Cold War Age
2 55,000 ? 11d 1,945 12s
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