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Silent Bombers! is a 7-day event which specializes around Night Witch Hangar. There is a total of 5 steps in order to earn Night Witch and Night Witch Hangar; which produces Night Witch a stealthy unit to suppress enemy buildings and troops.The 5 steps tell that you need to have a minimum number of destroy enemy army buildings in order to earn a reward for each step.

Historical Description[]

The female Soviet WWII bombers crews known as Night Witches had to overcome extraordinary obstacles to carry out their missions. In the air, they relied on outdated aircraft and primitive navigation tools. their Po-2 biplanes could be tossed around by strong winds and had open cockpits that exposed the Night Witches faces to the freezing cold of Eastern Europe. On the ground, the women faced discrimination from their male counterparts.

Nevertheless, they were extremely successful. Since they were usually met with a "wall of enemy fire", they developed intricate decoy tactics, with two bombers serving as a distraction while a third snack in with the payload. In total, they suffered only thirty deaths while flying more than 30,000 missions over the course of 4 years. Twenty-three Night Witch pilots were named Heroes of the Soviet Union.


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Step 1: Destroy ? enemy army buildings

Step 2: Destroy ? enemy army buildings

  • Reward: 550,000 food

Step 3: Destroy ? enemy army buildings

Step 4: Destroy ? enemy army buildings

  • Reward: 1,500,000 food

Step 5: Destroy ? enemy army buildings

*Reward amount depends on age

Recommended Units and Buildings[]

  1. Troops
  2. Mercenaries