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Silla Gold Crown

General Description[]

Silla Gold Crown is one of The Legendary Artifacts, that can be stored and displayed at Museum. It can be obtained from the Temple of Artemis Event.

Historical Description[]

The kingdom of Silla dominated the southern Korean peninsula from 668-935 CE. Excavation at the Silla capital in the modern city of Gyeongju have revealed several magnificent royal crowns. Their base material is thinly hammered golden sheets, and all but one are decorated with jade. The symbolic design suggests a connection between the Silla kings and the shamanistic beliefs of Eurasian steppe nomads. all of these crowns are listed among the National Treasures of South Korea.


Benefit Name Base Stat
Gold Looted +11%
Gold from Gold Mines +11%
Gold from Caravans +11%
Library Tech Resource Cost -11%
Ranged Infantry Damage +11%