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“While their shots do little at enemy buildings, these troops are experts at dealing enemy foot troops.”

Slinger is the level 1 standard Ranged Infantry unit unlocked in Stone Age. It can be upgraded to Bowman. It is researched in the level 1 Blacksmith.

General Information[]

  • Like all ranged infantry, Slinger can kill enemy infantry easily and quickly, as they have 4 times the damage to enemy infantry.
  • Slinger aren't efficient against enemy cavalry and buildings.
  • Slinger are ranged units and can destroy buildings over walls.
  • Slinger would attack the closest building on front of them but when attacked by an enemy troop; will fight back.
  • If there are enemy units nearby, Slinger would attack them.

Historical Description[]

Slings are among the oldest missile weapons in the human arsenal. A long strip of leather with an indention or cup at the center, the wielder places a round stone or piece of clay in the sling, grasps both ends of the leather in one hand, then swings the weapon rapidly in a circle. When the slinger lets go of one end of the leather, the stone is propelled (hopefully) towards the noggin of the target. Slings are difficult to use and have short range. But in the hands of an expert slinger they can bring down the largest foe, as the biblical Goliath learned.


The slinger has a brown beard and a brown taber cut hair. He wears an orange skirt, a necklace, orange wristbands, orange knee bands, and a quiver made out of animal bone on his skirt. All else, he is shirtless and barefoot.

Attacking Strategies[]

  • Slinger has low health; making them vulnerable to defenses. Use Heavy Infantry as meat shields to protect the Slinger.
  • Slinger is cheap and can be used to set off hidden enemy traps.
  • Use Slinger to protect heavy infantry from other infantry so your Heavy Infantry won't get distracted.
  • Since Slinger can deal more damage to foot troops, bringing some along with Heavy Infantry and/or Heavy Cavalry will help deal with pesky defending foot troops!
  • Make sure to keep the Slinger behind your 'meat shields' or away from danger.

Defensive Strategies[]

  • Slinger can be used as good Alliance Troops. One example is that they can shoot over walls to attack troops of the attackers forcing the troops to destroy the wall to kill them. Another thing is that they're good against other Heavy Infantry.