Tour sniper lvl8

“Targets the furthest enemy within its long range. Can't attack aircraft or nearby troops.”

Levels Edit

General InformationEdit

Unlike every other defensive building, the Sniper Tower shoots the target farthest away within it's range. Its targets are random, but especially powerful against Howitzers and Supply Trucks.

The Sniper Tower cannot shoot the nearby ground invaders, thus it should be protected by surrounding Walls, Anti-Tank Guns and Mortars.


Age Number Available
Industrial Age 1
Global Age 2
Atomic Age 3
Cold War Age
Space Age
Level Build Cost Gold icon Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Needed Citizen Damage Per Second Damage Range Range XP Gain Exp HP Health icon Age Unlocked
13,000,0003d490142,0405,750Industrial Age
36,000,0007d1033,2456,500Global Age
59,500,00010d1433,9509,125Atomic Age
711,600,00011d 12h1854,37012,075Cold War Age
9 14,000,000 13d 261 4,465 15,900 Space Age

Boosts Edit

The Sentries Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses to Sniper Tower:

  • Chapter 1 : +15% Sniper Tower hitpoints
  • Chapter 2 : +15% Sniper Tower damage
  • Chapter 3 : +15% Sniper Tower hitpoints
  • Chapter 4 : +15% Sniper Tower damage
  • Chapter 5 : +10% Sniper Tower attack speed
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