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“These specialized troops bring equipment suitable for one very a powerful attack against enemy walls, breaking open a gap in the enemy defenses so your other troops can advance.”

The Spearhead Combat Engineer II is the level 13 Wall Breachers unlocked at the Automation Age. It is researched in a level 16 Armory.

General Information Edit[]

  • When deployed on the field, Spearhead Combat Engineer IIs will run to the nearest wall section protecting a building and deal a large amount of damage to it.
  • After destroying a wall, Spearhead Combat Engineer IIs would attack the closest building but would do little damage.
  • Spearhead Combat Engineer IIs aren't good against buildings and enemy troops and can be killed easily.

Historical Description Edit[]

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) suit is an incredibly durable and protective suit of armor. Not to be confused with ballistic body armor which only protects vital parts of the body, the EOD suit covers every part of its wearer. Parts of the suit overlap to provide even more dense protection from explosives.

The EOD suit also works in a variety of different ways. One layer severely dampens or completely absorbs the force of nearby explosions to the user, and another layer’s purpose is to prevent projectiles from penetrating the rest of the armor.

Note: the historical description doesn't change since Drone Age unit upgrade.

Attacking Strategies Edit[]

  • Try to use two Spearhead Combat Engineer IIs to destroy one wall. That way, if one Spearhead Combat Engineer II dies before it can destroy a wall, the second wall Honored Combat Engineer can destroy the wall since it used the first Spearhead Combat Engineer II as a distraction.
  • If a base has multiple compartments, it is suggested to bring many Spearhead Combat Engineer II to break them.