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“Guarantees a 10X Multiplier for your first Research Point contribution to a Law once per day. Also generates a National Trade Goods chest 4 times per day.”

The Stadium Australia is one of four Wonders unlocked in the Information Age.

General Information[]


Size 5x5 squares
  • NTG Chest Per 6h : 1
  • Guaranteed Law Reserach Multiplier : x10

For building's other statistics see Wonders.

Historical Description[]

The Stadium Australia's opening capacity of 115,000 made it one of the largest arenas ever, though it was built to be reduced afterward to around 83,000 seats. A focus on sustainability led to elements like natural heating/cooling and the use of recyled rainwater to irrigate the pich. Unfortunately, the design has not proved ideal for popular spectator sports like soccer of rugby. Plans to redevelop or even demolish it have been repeatedly proposed and scrapped, with a $1.25 billion refurbishment in the works as of 2020.

Memorable moments included the epic track-and-field events of 'Magic Monday' and the record slow time of Equatorial Guinea swimmer 'Eric the Eel,' who had never seen a pool that large before coming to the Stadium. The crowd rewared his quixotic struggle with a roaring ovation..