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Dawn age

The Stone Age is the second age available to a player in DomiNations. This age is preceded by the Dawn Age and is succeeded by the Bronze Age, and it is obtained by paying 300 gold in the Town Center. In this age, you cannot get attacked by other players nor participate in multiplayer battles (which can be done once you reach the Bronze Age).


Historical Description

The Stone Age is a period of time of history about the use of stone for everyday life; mainly for tools and housing. This age revolves around the Neolithic Era, also known as the New Stone Age. The Paleolithic Era was the Old Stone Age and is before the Mesolithic Era (Dawn Age). The Neolithic Era lasted from about 10,000 BC(E) to about 4,000-2,000 BC(E). Humans had discover more uses of stone, technologies, and had more intelligence than ever. Since stone is an efficient and stronger material than wood, stone was used for tools such as hoes, axes, spear tips etc. and as a building material for huts and temples. Humans also create crafts such as figurines and pottery out of stone as well. Cultures were developed, creating the first nations of civilization. Religion, agriculture, and animal breeding were established as well. However, for the tools, stone doesn't last long. Humans decide to explore more options to help make their tools stronger so they looked up upon metal. The first metals that appeased them was copper and tin. Humans had used copper and tin to create the alloy bronze. Due to their higher durability for tools, the use of bronze marked the end of the Neolithic Stone Age and the dawn of the Bronze Age.


After advancing to the Stone Age, players are given a new set of buildings to build. Buildings available in this age includes a blacksmith, fruit tree, market, mill, and another tower. At the blacksmith, you can upgrade the spearman into the warrior and receive the slinger.

New Buildings

Building Number
Blacksmith 1
Market 1
Mill 1

More Buildings

Building Number increase
Tower 1

Buildings upgrades

Building Max lvl Lvl increase Max number Number increase
Tower 1 1 2 1



Town Center (Stone Age)

Town Center at the Stone Age.

Default House 02

House at the Stone Age.


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