“Transport airplane deploys Paratroopers onto the battlefield from above. Paratroopers do not cause enemy defenders to spawn. Tap anywhere to designate the drop location. Transports must wait to load more troops before they can be re-deployed.”

Historical Description[edit | edit source]

The Ilyushin IL-76 served in a variety of roles over the years. Civilian variants of the Il-76 were used for firefighting and heavy cargo hauling. Meanwhile, the military used it as everything from airborne command posts to carrying paratroopers into enemy lines. Variants of the Ilyushin flew over 14,000 times and carried over 700,000 servicemen between 1979 and 1991. The Ilyushin Il-76 is so well built and versatile that they are still being used to this day.

Note: the historical description doesn't change since Cold War Age

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