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Stronghold Level 7

“Strong defensive building. Stores Troop Tactics to use on offense. During World War, deploys donated Troop Tactics on defense.”


General Information[]

Stronghold ProfilePic
  • The Stronghold is a strong defensive building that does splash damage against enemy troops.
  • Although it has 2 less range than the Catapult/Mortar, the Stronghold does more damage, has a lot more health, and costs a lot less.
  • The Stronghold stores Troop Tactics that you can use on offense.
  • During World War, Troop Tactics donated to it can be used on defense against enemy troops.
  • Unlike other defensive buildings, the Stronghold will spawn troop tactic armies donated for World War defense when it is destroyed, even if it was disabled before the troops emerged.


Level 1: A Vandal stays on the balcony of the Stronghold. He throws explosive projectiles.

Level 2: A Chinese Hand Cannon replaces the Vandal on the balcony of the Stronghold. Also gains an Iron roof and a higher balcony.

Level 3: A Guard Mortar replaces the Chinese Hand Cannon on the balcony of the Stronghold along with a golden roof and a more fortified balcony.

Level 4: A Field Mortar replaces the Guard Mortar on the balcony of the Stronghold.

Level 5: A Heavy Field Mortar replaces the Field Mortar on the balcony of the Stronghold.

Level 6: An Elite Field Mortar replaces the Heavy Field Mortar on the balcony of the Stronghold

Level 7: An Valiant Field Mortar replaces the Elite Field Mortar on the balcony of the Stronghold

Defensive strategies[]

Place it near your TC behind walls. During World War, it can be one of your strongest Defensive Building if filled in with a good Troop Tactics like Elephant Archer, Bazooka Type or Attack Helicopter type of Troop Tactics. A non Heavy Cavalry and non Heavy Tank type of Ground Troop Tactics with high hitpoints, usually provide a better defence.


Size 3x3
Range 8 Range
Damage Type: Area Splash DamageType
Defender Last Stand Health 100% Health icon
Level Build Cost Food Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade Time Clock Damage Per Second Damage Troop Tactic Capacity Donated Troop Tactic Capacity HP Health icon XP Exp Age Unlocked
1 500 1 5m 45 1 1 1,500 - Bronze Age
2 500,000 4 12h 77 2 3,500 760 Classical Age
3 1,000,000 1d 137 3 2 9,000 1,115 Gunpowder Age
4 2,500,000 3d 169 4 3 15,000 2,040 Industrial Age
5 4,000,000 7d 247 4 22,500 3,245 Atomic Age
6 6,000,000 9d 450 32,000 4,600 Space Age
7 12,000,000 11d 700 42,000 6,000 Drone Age


Council Committees[]

Council Councilors[]

Library Technology[]

  • Stronghold
    • Ch. 1 = +5% Stronghold Damage
    • Ch. 2 = +5% Stronghold Health
    • Ch. 3 = +7% Stronghold Damage
    • Ch. 4 = +7% Stronghold Health
    • Ch. 5 = +10% Stronghold Damage

Parliament Laws[]

  • Base Financing: Army
    • Reduce cost of Army building upgrades by 3,000 ~ 80,000 Food/Gold (to a minimum of Free)




VIP Bonuses[]

  • Building Upgrade Resource Cost
    • Level 9: 5%
    • Level 12: 10%
    • Level 15: 15%

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