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Suleiman the Magnificent

"Suleiman I was the sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1520-1566. The only surviving son of Selim I, he was brought up at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Upon taking the throne, he immediately began expanding his empire.

He ousted the Knights Hospitaller from Rhodes in an impressive naval siege, then permanently destroyed the power of the Hungarian kingdom at the battle of Mohacs. Bad weather halted further advances into Europe, stopping attempts at Vienna in 1529 and 1532. Undaunted, he turned east and won territory from the Safavid dynasty in Persia. After a long and glorious reign, he died on campaign in Hungary at the age of 71.

His conquests relied on a modern army with state-of-the-art artillery and elite gunner infantry called Janissaries. Though the Ottomans had traditionally been a land-based empire, Suleiman's fleets made their presence felt from the Western Mediterranean to the coast of India.

The extent of his reach inspired the French king to form an alliance with him in order to contain the house of Habsburg in Austria and Spain. Despite European outrage at France joining with a Muslim empire, the alliance lasted for centuries - up until the time of Napoleon.

Suleiman is known as 'the Magnificent' in the West for the size, power, and wealth of his realm. His own people, the Turks, remember him as 'the Lawgiver' for his modernization of the legal codes and administration. He presided over the Ottoman golden age, during which the empire prospered economically and culturally. A plot himself, Suleiman patronized great artists like the architect Sinan.

Under his less-magnificient successors, the empire entered a long, slot decline. But at the end of Suleiman's reign, the Ottoman state had never been stronger."

University Level Technology Name Benefit per Level Number of Levels Requirements Cost/Duration
2 Mortar Infantry Damage +3% damage of Mortar Infantry troops 10 None
4 Citizen
Level CostFood Time
1 200k 2d
2 400k 3d
3 600k 4d
4 800k 5d
5 1,000k 6d
6 1,200k 7d
7 1,400k 8d
8 1,600k 9d
9 1,800k 10d
10 2,000k 11d
Total 33,000k 195d
2 Mortar Infantry Hitpoints +3% hitpoints for Mortar Infantry troops 10 None
2 Demolition Damage +1% damage dealt by the Demolition Tactic 10 Mortar Infantry Damage Level 5

Mortar Infantry Hitpoints Level 5

3 Weapon Blessing Bonus +1% effecti-veness of Weapon Blessing 10 Demolition Damage Level 5
5 Citizen
Level CostGold icon Time
1 300k 3d
2 600k 4d
3 900k 5d
4 1,200k 6d
5 1,500k 7d
6 1,800k 8d
7 2,100k 9d
8 2,400k 10d
9 2,700k 11d
10 3,000k 12d
Total 33,000k 150d
3 Temple Hitpoints +5% Temple Hitpoints 10 Demolition Damage Level 5
4 Cannon Tower Damage +5% damage dealt by Ballista Towers, Cannon Towers and Anti-Tank Guns 10 Weapon Blessing Bonus Level 5
6 Citizen
Level CostGold icon Time
1 400k 4d
2 800k 5d
3 1,200k 6d
4 1,600k 7d
5 2,000k 8d
6 2,400k 9d
7 2,800k 10d
8 3,200k 11d
9 3,600k 12d
10 4,000k 13d
Total 66,000k 255d
4 Cannon Tower Upgrade Cost -2% build and upgrade cost for Ballista Towers, Cannon Towers and Anti-Tank Guns 10 Weapon Blessing Bonus Level 5

Temple Hitpoints Level 5

4 Cannon Tower Hitpoints +3% hitpoints for Ballista Towers, Cannon Towers and Anti-Tank Guns 10 Temple Hitpoints Level 5
5 Scroll Chance +1% chance of finding Scrolls from multiplayer victories 10 Cannon Tower Damage Level 5

Cannon Tower Upgrade Cost Level 5

Level CostFood Time
1 500k 5d
2 1,000k 6d
3 1,500k 7d
4 2,000k 8d
5 2,500k 9d
6 3,000k 10d
7 3,500k


8 4,000k 12d
9 4,500k 13d
10 5,000k 14d
Total 27,500k 95d
5 General Upgrade Cost -1% General upgrade resource cost 10 Cannon Tower Hitpoints Level 5

Cannon Tower Upgrade Cost Level 5

Level Cost

Oil icon

1 5k 5d
2 10k 6d
3 15k 7d
4 20k 8d
5 25k 9d
6 30k 10d
7 35k


8 40k 12d
9 45k 13d
10 50k 14d
Total 275k 95d
5 The Lawgiver -30% Wonder Power cooldown 1 Total Skill Level 100
8 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 120k 14d

Takes 814 days to complete without bonuses, using Atomium and first two leaders and Leo benefits takes 407 days