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Sun Tzu

"The Spring and Autumn period (c. 770-476 BCE) was a turbulent time in Chinese history. The Easter Zhou dynasty maintained a tenuous grip on power as their vassals battled for survival and hegemony. Yet scientific and intellectual pursuits flowered amidst the chaos. Improvements in agriculture led to a population boom. China entered the Iron Age and invented the crossbow. The so-called 'Hundred Schools of Thought' like Confucianism, Taoism, Legalism, and Mohism were founded by luminary philosophers. Standing tall among these brillant thinkers is Sun Tzu."

"Tradition holds that he was born Sun Wu in 544 BCE in either the state of Qi or Wu. The name familiar to Westerners includes the honorific title Tzu and literally means 'Master Sun.' IN all likelihood he belonged to an aristocratic clan whose family trade was military strategy. Whether or not he was a native of Wu, he eventually ended up in the employ of its King Helü. The Records of the Grand Historian. The Records of the Grand Historian claim that Sun Tzu acted as one of the main commanders for Wu during their decisive defeat of Chu in 506."

"More important to posterity than his actual career is his timeless treatise on strategy, The Art of War. Evidently his theories were little use in the Warring States era that followed the Sprig and Autumn period, although during this time an alleged descendant names Sun Bin wrote a companion work with the same title. But the man who at last unified China, Qin Shi Huang, achieved his goal because he obeyed Sun Tzu's precepts. He pursued complete victory rather than adhering to aristocratic niceties that limited the ability of the state to expand its power."

"The influence of Sun Tzu only grew as time went on. The founders of the Han Dynasty fought in accordance with his teachings. Warlords during the Three Kingdoms era, including another supposed descendant called Sun Jian, studied his work. The Art of War became popular in medieval Japan and was favored by its three great unifiers. Mao Zedong adapted it to his own style of guerrilla warfare, and some maxims in his 'Little Red Book' are virtually indistinguishable from the ancient master's: attack with overwhelming force, avoid prolonged sieges, and so on."

"The Art of War has gained quite a bit of currency in the West as well. It may have guided Napoleons's tactical innovations and has been directly cited by modern U.S. generals from Noman Schwarzkopf to David Petraeus. Not only is it required reading in military academies worldwide, it has also been applied to diverse leadership and conflict situations off the battlefield. Although Sun Tzu's life is not well documented, and it is possible he did not actually exists, the wisdom attributed to his name has endured for over 2,500 years."

University Level Technology Name Benefit per level Number of Levels Req. Cost/Duration
7 MRL Damage Increase damage of MRL by 3%. 10 None
2 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 18,000 6d
2 27,000 7d
3 36,000 8d
4 54,000 9d
5 72,000 10d
6 90,000 11d
7 108,000 12d
8 126.000 13d
9 144,000 14d
10 162,000 15d
Total 837,000 105d
7 MRL Hitpoints Increase hitpoints of MRL by 3%. 10 None
8 Troop Capacity Increase troop capacity by 3 5 MRL Damage 3

MRL Hitpoints 3

3 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 36,000 7d
2 72,000 8d
3 108,000 9d
4 144,000 10d
5 180,000 11d
Total 540,000 45d
9 Recon Scan Damage Bonus Increase scan damage bonus of Recon aircraft 10 Troop Capacity Level 1
3 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 36,000 7d
2 54,000 8d
3 72,000 9d
4 90,000 10d
5 108,000 11d
6 126,000 12d
7 144,000 13d
8 162,000 14d
9 180,000 15d
10 198,000 16d
Total 1,170,000 115d
9 Recon Hitpoints Increase hitpoints of Recon 10 Troop Capacity Level 1
10 The Art of War Unlock Sun Tzu Ability. 1 Recon damage 3

Recon hitpoints 3

4 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 162,000 14d
Total 162,000 14d
10 Sun Tzu Damage Increases the damage of General Sun Tzu 10 The Art of War level 1
4 Citizen
Level CostFood/Gold icon Time
1 4,200,000 8d
2 4,500,000 9d
3 4,800,000 10d
4 5,100,000 11d
5 5,400,000 12d
6 5,700,000 13d
7 6,000,000 14d
8 6,300,000 15d
9 6,600,000 16d
10 6,900,000 17d
Total 54,500,000 125d
10 Sun Tzu Hitpoints Increases the hitpoints of General Sun Tzu 10 The Art of War level 1
10 Sun Tzu Attack Speed Increases the attack speed of General Sun Tzu 10 The Art of War level 1
10 War Tactic Capacity Increases war tactic capacity by 1 1 Sun Tzu Damage level 3

Sun Tzu Hitpoints level 3

Sun Tzu Attack Speed level 3

5 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 202,500 16d
Total 202,500 16d
10 The Army on the March Improves Art of War 1 Total skill levels 77
7 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 270,000 17d
Total 270,000 17d
Total: 78
  • Cost:
    • ??? Food
    • ??? Gold icon
    • 5,188,500 Oil icon
  • Time: 782 days


  • Sun Tzu has been added by update The Art of War v9.1 Update on December 2020
  • While Sun Tzu historical description mentions the Iron Age, in the game he is actually available starting Information age.