“The legendary Sun Tzu is a Heavy Tank general that excels at tearing through waves of enemy troops. When unlocked through the University, Sun Tzu's General Ability, The Art of War, summons Type 99 Tanks and increases the attack speed of nearby allied units!”

General Information[edit | edit source]

Sun Tzu (General) is the 10th General available to players, unlocked after upgrading the Castle to level 10 in the Information Age.

Sun Tzu (General).jpg

Historical Description:[edit | edit source]

The legendary Chinese general and military adviser behind The Art of War supposedly lived during the late Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history, around 500 BCE. Born with the name Sun Wu, the West remembers him as Sun Tzu, with the honorific title Tzu meaning 'master.' The Spring and Autumn Annals, as well as Sima Qian's later Records of the Grand Historian, agree that he served under King Helü of Wu. However, his actual exploits are not well documented, and there is some doubt as to whether he existed at all.

While Sima Qian claims that Sun Tzu helped lead Wu forces at the Battle of Boju, a historical account written closer to the event does not mention his name. Some scholars suggest that The Art of War was compiled from multiple sources rather than set down by a single master. Either way, there is no denying the lasting influence of the text.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Sun Tzu's abilities behave on both offense and defense.

Attacking Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • General Ability
    • The Art of War
  • The Art of War: Troops Summoned
    • Type 99 Tank x1 (2)
  • The Art of War: Attack Speed Bonus
    • 15% (25%)
  • The Art of War: Duration
    • 15s
  • The Art of War: Effect Radius
    • 6
  • The Art of War: Cooldown
    • 70s
== Universal General Bonuses ==

Sun Tzu Specific Bonuses[edit | edit source]

These bonuses are available in the Sun Tzu University track.

  • The Art of War (spawns a Type 99 Tank and increases attack speed of nearby units by 15%
  • Sun Tzu Damage (30%)
  • Sun Tzu Hitpoints (30%)
  • Sun Tzu Attack Speed (20%)
  • The Army on the March (allows activating 'Art of War' multiple times, increases Type 99 Tank count by 1, and increase Art of War attack speed bonus by 10%
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