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“Scans a target, causing enemy troops, buildings and walls within the area to take bonus damage from all sources! To deploy your aircraft, tap any building or unit in the enemy's base. When they've finished their run, they may be redeployed.”

Historical Description[]

Designing the SR-71 Blackbird was one of the greatest challenges to ever face Lockheed's storied Skunk Works division. The spy plane had to fly higher and faster than any aircraft ever built. It would contend with both the freezing temperatures of the stratosphere and the intense heat generated by air friction at such high speeds. As it would be operating in forbidden airspace, it needed a tiny radar signature to avoid detection, and the ability to simply outrun surface-to-air missiles on the off chance it was spotted.

The Skunk Works delivered. The first Blackbird took flight on December 22, 1964. Over fifty years later, it still holds world speed and altitude records for production aircraft. The plane could fly from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles in just over an hour while traveling over Mach 3. Though its mission history is still shrouded in secrecy, by all accounts the design was a success. The small Blackbird fleet was retired in the 1990s due only to concerns over expense. Performance-wise, no manned reconnaissance aircraft has ever surpassed it.

Note: the historical description doesn't change since Digital Age unit upgrade.